Dallas Coffee Shops Offer More than Java

There may not be a Starbucks on every corner, but the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has its share of friendly neighborhood coffee shops and breakfast cafes. Here’s a sampling of what’s available in Dallas.

It’s not Seattle, but area residents have their favorite Dallas coffee shops — and the variety of neighborhood favorites is enough to keep residents busy trying out new options. If you’re out and about, or need to schedule a meet-up in the Metroplex, try one of these:

Oak Cliff/South of Downtown

Espumoso Caffe is small, comfortable, and conveniently located in the trendy Bishop Arts District. This coffee, juice, and smoothie bar has a loyal clientele, who have staked out their favorite cushions in the window seat and their favored edible treats as well. It is small and only offers on-street parking, but fans say that’s just part of its charm. And, they add, Espumoso’s empanadas and acai bowls “are to die for.” In fair weather, patrons can sit at the outside tables, sip their coffee, and maybe even indulge in the cafe’s sinfully rich cheesecake.

Old East Dallas

A neighborhood breakfast spot for the past decade, Garden Cafe sits in a residential neighborhood not far from the shadow of tall buildings. It not only has a garden out back, but it harvests the produce for its breakfast and lunch menu. Open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfasts and lunches, Chef Mark whips up omelets (from organic and locally sourced ingredients, and the garden’s bounty) all day long. His dad, attorney Dale Wootton, opened the cafe as a sideline in 2002. It’s been a winner ever since.

The espresso bar is welcoming, the coffee is always on, and the interior is dark enough to be calming and quiet enough for good conversation. In spring, summer and fall, the garden is a great meeting place.

Uptown, on Routh

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse is a neighborhood original with a living-room ambiance. A favorite of locals and out-of-towners alike, this gem of a coffee shop serves locally brand Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and serves it up with flair and good cheer. The furniture encourages lounging, the pastries, croissants, and scones require sampling, the baristas exchange banter and will debate philosophy; rotating art displays keep it all fresh and lively, and occasional Friday and Saturday night music invites return visits. It’s definitely a good one, with good brew. Hours vary, from 6 a.m. weekdays.

North Dallas

In Farmers Branch, on Belt Line Road between Marsh and Webb Chapel Road, one of the most familiar Dallas hangouts has a new name. Now Diner Dallas, it flourished for years as Norma’s Diner, even after new owners bought it. For decades it was the morning coffee stop for construction workers as well as bankers in the fast-growing Northern suburbs. Regulars still flock here for the down-home cooking, the companionship, and the plain, old-fashioned black coffee.

Far North Dallas

The heart of burgeoning North Dallas is home to the Coffee House Cafe, a corner spot at Preston and Frankford roads that’s a popular meeting place for business types and shoppers. With several rooms and private meeting spaces, it can serve the needs of small groups as well as those who want a place to sip and surf the Internet. Specialty coffee and espresso drinks are certified organic and fair-trade. Menu service is extensive, and Coffee House Cafe also has a full bar and a proper wine list.

Open early until late, every day of the week; there is a fireplace to encourage cozy conversation in comfortable seating, and a patio that allows leashed dogs. What could be more friendly?

Photo Source: Flickr


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