Home Additions: Ideas for Your Las Vegas Home

Considering any home additions for your Las Vegas home? Even a home you love can have just that one extra something to make it more comfortable or to accommodate some new circumstance in your life. Here are ways to easily add space.

Considering any new home additions to your Las Vegas abode? Even if you love where you live, your house might need an extra something to make it more accommodating to your lifestyle. Circumstances change: Your grown children move out, for example, or you decide to launch a new business out of your home. You may need extra functional space if you’ve enlarged your family or had a parent or in-law move in with you recently. Shifting lifestyles and events naturally alter the way you fit and utilize living space, and new home additions can alleviate any shortcomings in your existing environment.

That said, making home additions doesn’t always mean building an entirely new room. 

Get into the Garage

Not everyone feels like kicking their car out into the open driveway — or the street, in some cases — but the benefit here is that a vehicle-vacated garage provides the ready-made framework for that additional bedroom, in-law suite, office, home gym, or even a man cave. Local contractor Sundance Builders in Las Vegas even points out on its website that, “In some cases, you don’t need to build a new space to create an addition to your home,” when a garage conversion will accomplish home-expansion goals by adding to your home’s usable square footage without actually enlarging your home’s footprint. Many homes in Las Vegas boast three-car garages, so you have the option to convert only part of the space while keeping an area available for one or two vehicles.

More Room for the Master

Home additions to enlarge the master bedroom or bath space appeal to many Las Vegas homeowners. Area residents often seek increasingly spacious retreats that allow for amenities such as a sitting area in the bedroom, huge his-and-her closets, or an oversized soaking tub in the bathroom.

An enhanced master bedroom suite is another great way to add value and comfort to your home. As with garage conversion, an adjacent loft area or spare bedroom again provides a built-in solution for incorporating little-used existing space into an area that is functional and comfortable. If this is not a feasible plan for your project, an upstairs room can indeed be built out with an addition, incorporating a covered patio area beneath the support structure of the build-out, as illustrated on Eric Ertenberg’s company website, All-Inclusive Construction LLC.

Getting More from the Outdoors

With plenty of high temperatures and days full of sunshine, one of the most popular home additions in Las Vegas is constructing an in-ground pool and/or spa. This feature adds value to your home, which of course appeals to buyers. Your pool contractor can help design water features, decking, and other items that enhance the attractiveness of your swimming pool and spa.

These are just three ways of making functional home additions. Figuring out how you can add such space to your home just takes some planning and a little imagination. 


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