Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Your Las Vegas Home

If first impressions are lasting ones, then the first view of your front yard is the image that sticks with visitors to your home. There’s any number of simple yet surefire front yard landscaping ideas for your Las Vegas home.

If first impressions are lasting ones, then the first view of your front yard is an image that will stick with your visitors long after they’ve left. That means the pressure’s on to make a good impression. But don’t fret — a number of simple front yard landscaping ideas can provide the perfect introduction to your abode.

Alternative Lawn

While a lush, green lawn may be many Americans’ ideal front lawn, it requires intensive care and maintenance, as well as considerable amounts of water. In Las Vegas especially, an extensive, grassy lawn flies in the face of the desert locale’s drought conditions. All of that makes for a strong argument against going this route for your landscape design plan. 

Why not consider a clover lawn alternative instead? Local landscape company Taylormade Landscapes explains on its blog how clover requires little mowing, little water, and, as an added bonus, bugs hate it!  Other ground covers that can be colorful and thrive in the desert Southwest environment include:

  • Woolly yarrow
  • Carpet bugle
  • Chamomile
  • English ivy
  • Aaron’s Beard, St. John’s Wort
  • Ice plant
  • Mondo grass or lily turf
  • Japanese spurge
  • Spring cinquefoil
  • Creeping thyme
  • Dwarf periwinkle

These ground covers make great front yard landscaping ideas, especially when designed in beds or patches amid other elements such as boulders, stones, and walkways.   

Trees and Plants

For larger botanical accents, you’ll again want to look at species that tolerate the low-desert climate conditions in Las Vegas. Ocotillo and bougainvillea are both good candidates; they thrive even against intense heat and placement in a western exposure. 

Cacti are a classic choice, although considered bad Feng Shui for those that practice such principles. Flowering trees, such as acacia or oleander, provide inviting accents that offset a monochromatic desert palette. Local business Moon Valley Nursery lists a number of other flowering, desert-friendly trees on its website.  A more lush or tropical vibe can be introduced by planting pineapple, pygmy date, or sago palm trees.


In the desert, front landscaping ideas will naturally run to the wide variety of rocks, stones, mulches, and pavers that provide water-free and maintenance-free designs. Choose shades and textures that complement the overall design of your home’s exterior. Use concrete or traditional pavers to create pathways, then lay stones and mulches in freeform beds as a backdrop to the trees, shrubs, and succulent botanicals of your choice. 

Whatever you do, make sure you focus on water-smart front yard landscaping ideas. After you’ve put your plan into practice, visitors to your home will have a first impression that reflects all the style and good taste the rest of your home has to offer.

Image Source: Flickr


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  1. Giovana
    May 4, 2015

    I like how this gives suggestions for a beautiful landscaping job, even in a hot desert city. Landscaping can make any home, anywhere look beautiful; it’s all a matter of thinking and planning carefully. Thanks for the expert tips and advice.

  2. Paul Grant
    October 11, 2016

    Very well said! I totally agree to the idea that the first view of your front yard is the image that sticks with visitors to your home.

    Other ground covers like woolly yarrow and carpet bugle are pretty much needed when making great front yard landscaping ideas. Your blog is an absolute guide for all lawn care. Thanks!


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