DFW Yard Maintenance Must-Dos

Yard maintenance for many DFW homeowners includes taking care of an irrigation system. In-ground sprinklers with timers are common in newer Metroplex homes, but you need to keep a few maintenance steps in mind to keep the system in good working order.

Yard maintenance for many Dallas Fort-Worth homeowners includes taking care of an irrigation system. In-ground sprinklers with timers are common in newer Metroplex homes, and they can save time and money while keeping your landscape properly watered. Nevertheless, even the best irrigation systems can break down, so it is important to keep up with maintenance.

Maintenance Saves Water, Money

In the hot, often dry Metroplex, irrigation systems are a key part of yard maintenance. An in-ground system on a timer also helps homeowners remember to water their landscaping on designated days and times, which is particularly helpful during periods of water restrictions.

According to Larry Kelley, owner of Kelley Sprinkler Systems in Fort Worth, homeowners should have their systems evaluated once or twice a year to make sure they are working properly. Broken lines or sprinkler heads can lead to wasted water and a higher water bill. Overwatering can also lead to growth of grass-killing fungi, and obviously this can lead to greater yard maintenance problems.

Water restrictions in most DFW municipalities require homeowners to water overnight or early in the morning. That’s a good idea, but it can also mean the homeowner is completely unaware of problems with their sprinklers. “A lot of times people never see their sprinkler systems working because they are asleep,” Kelley said. “That’s why maintenance is important.”

Keeping a Lookout

Most sprinkler system problems are actually caused by tree roots or lawn maintenance crews. Roots can damage irrigation systems lines, and homeowners and yard maintenance crews sometimes run over a sprinkler head, which will prevent it from popping up above the grass when the system comes on.

Another problem for new homeowners: They often don’t know how to properly set up their irrigation systems in the first place. Most controllers are in the garage, and most instruction manuals can be found online. However, if a homeowner can’t determine how to work the system, it is a good idea to call in a professional rather than continuing to guess.

Irrigation Regulations

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but most cities have code compliance ordinances for irrigation systems. Kelley gave an example: “Systems usually have zones, and the sprinkler heads in the zone that waters your grass can’t spray onto the heads zoned for your shrubs.”

Furthermore, only sprinkler maintenance companies are allowed by law to work on a home irrigation system. “Yard maintenance companies will, but it’s against the law,” Kelley added. “The homeowner isn’t protected if they don’t complete the work or do the work improperly.”

Technology is now a big part of home irrigation, Kelley said. “Today’s newest sprinkler systems have technology linked with a home weather station,” he said. “They’ll have nine, 12, or 15 zones and will water depending on the humidity and whether the zone is located in the sun or the shade.”

All this technology serves to make the watering process as efficient as possible, but some routine maintenance work should keep even simple systems from wasting water. And in Dallas-Fort Worth, that’s a necessity if you want to keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

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