Patio Ideas: The Las Vegas Edition

In Las Vegas, the abundance of sunny days and temperate nights only enhance the possibilities for modern designs in outdoor living space. Check out these patio ideas that seamlessly blend form and function in your Las Vegas yard.

Outdoor patios these days are so much more than the old-school Weber charcoal grill and redwood picnic table with benches. In Las Vegas, the abundance of sunny days and temperate nights only enhances the possibilities for modern designs in today’s outdoor living spaces. Check out these patio ideas that seamlessly blend form and function to make your Las Vegas patio an outdoor escape:

Bringing the Inside Out

Unlike oh-so-yesterday trends such as mono-material furnishings (all metal, all wood, etc.), the “interior design” take on outdoor spaces has remained fashionable, season after season, for over a decade now. Patio ideas incorporating rugs, cushy seating, and cozy fireplaces infuse your outdoor space with interior comfort. You can highlight this trend by using your favorite indoor items with an outdoor twist. Accessorize outdoor wicker, metal, or wood furniture frames using deep cushions worthy of your living-room sofa. If your home has a popular Las Vegas design theme like “Southwestern” or “Mediterranean,” continue the look throughout your patio. Find a palette of complementary colors and designs in weather-resistant fabrics. Outdoor carpeting or rugs can help complete the soft goods, along with curtains mounted from overhanging balconies or any other space that lends itself to draperies. Add accents as you would to any interior room, finding more rugged, outdoor-friendly versions of pieces such as clocks, artwork, and other “accessories.”

DIY Patio Ideas

The paint department at your local home store contains everything you need to create economical, outdoor-worthy pillows, cushions, and drapes. First, purchase ordinary painter’s drop cloths. Then, use dyes or fabric paint and stencils to create curtains, pillowcases, and slip-covers. Las Vegas’ Mother Nature can throw some pretty high winds across the desert, so you may wish to anchor your cushions and pillows to hard furniture frames with elastic or tie straps. For drapes, punch holes along the top of the drape and use shower curtain rings to hang. If you wish, purchase a grommet kit for adding a finishing touch — and additional strength — around the curtain-rod holes.

Fire pits are a popular accessory all around the Valley, and fire pits can be custom-built gas pits with cement or tiled surroundings, or outdoor tables with fire-pit tops. If you want to add this romantic touch to your home but don’t want to spring for a major renovation, you can make your own table-top fire pit out of picture frame glass, metal planters, and mesh.

Let the Sun Make Your Nights Bright

Solar-powered lights and Las Vegas undoubtedly make a winning combination, and a pleasing outdoor lighting arrangement must figure among your patio ideas. Artful lighting can illuminate walkways and highlight backyard focal points and pool areas. With abundant sunshine throughout the year, solar-powered LEDs make a natural, affordable choice, and installation is a breeze as well. Most large home improvement chains carry a selection of major manufacturers, making it easy to pick whichever one suits you.

Las Vegas may be famous for its desert heat, but there are plenty of days that make for perfect patio weather. While you’re out catching a breeze or watching the sunset, a few extra touches can make your outdoors feel just as comfy as the living room.

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