Kitchen Improvements: A Smart Upgrade

When selling a home, kitchen improvements go a long way in attracting buyers. A few simple upgrades to cabinets, fixtures, and countertops can make a big impact, so don’t hesitate to invest in a light remodel. It will pay off!

The smell of cookies baking in the oven, the sizzle of bacon frying on the stove, a stack of pancakes atop the counter on a Sunday morning — your kitchen is the heart of your home, even when you’re too busy to cook and the family gathers around a table laden with Chinese take-out containers. That’s why kitchen improvements are so important for home sellers: A great kitchen can go a long way in attracting buyers. Do a little or do a lot, but do consider some simple kitchen improvements when marketing your home.

Make a New Face

Full kitchen remodeling can be a great idea if your home has an outdated, inefficient kitchen, and you plan on remaining there long-term to enjoy the benefits of such a costly improvement. But if you’re selling a home now, why not scale down the scope? Try putting some make-up on the surface to bring your kitchen into the 21st century and help buyers get emotionally invested in the house at its heart.

Companies like A & M Kitchen Cabinets of Las Vegas allow homeowners a few straightforward, affordable options. There’s no need to replace kitchen cabinets when simply changing out the doors, drawer-fronts, and hardware can bring in a blast of freshness to a once-tired space. Refinishing work on the remaining cabinetry rounds out the transformation. Like many cabinet re-facing companies, A & M can often complete the entire process in just one day!

Countertop Kitchen Improvements

Upgrading countertops is another way to add value and appeal. This may be done in conjunction with cabinet re-facing, or as a stand-alone item when cabinets don’t need their own upgrade.

In Las Vegas, many standard kitchens contain tile countertops. While tile may hold more appeal than decidedly dreary laminate, today the tile look appears somewhat dated. Tile also lacks the easy maintenance and high durability of solid surface materials such as Corian, or the popular stone choice of granite. Similar to the cabinet re-face, companies like Granite Transformations in Las Vegas will fabricate and install countertop overlays directly on top of existing countertops. Highlighted in a June 2013 “Las Vegas Review Journal” feature, Granite Transformations’ process avoids the mess, time, and expense of demolition and removal of old countertops, leaving your kitchen with a sleek new counter and backsplash, in as a little as one day for standard-sized kitchens.

Dressing Up

After making these key upgrades in look and design, don’t forget to accent your kitchen improvements with some basic home staging techniques. Fresh flowers, a jar of colored stones, or similar types of centerpieces set on the table or countertop provide some life and a focal point for buyers. Conversely, make sure to remove family photos or personal items that may get in the way of letting others picture themselves living in the home. And maybe even throw a batch of chocolate-chip cookies in the oven. Home stagers actually do recommend the homey smell of baking to help set the tone when buyers view your home. Besides, you deserve a treat after getting your kitchen improvements completed!

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