mercerisland Waterfront Living Without the Sand

A Waterfront Home in Mercer Island, WA

Living in New Jersey, the common pre-weekend summer refrain is, “are you going to the Shore?”  For those who only know NJ through the eyes of Newark Airport, we do have miles and miles of great beaches!  Yet not everyone in the “The Garden State” grew up at the Shore.  In fact, we gave some great lakes include Shongum Lake in my childhood hometown of Randolph.

This time of year we are always reminded of what it would be like to live on/near the water.  And since not every community has the Atlantic or Pacific in the backyard I wanted to check out some great waterfront homes that don’t have force you to track sand back into your car.  I found this one, which could be the ultimate “not-at-the-Shore” waterfront home in Mercer Island, Wash.  But that’s not all:

And, of course, we cannot forget the pool.  There are more than 43,000 homes on for sale with pools, but unfortunately none come with the “floating basketball hoop” like the one played we played on for hours at the Yazdan’s while growing up.

If you survived without the Shore, I’d love to hear about your memories “on the water.”