You know that list you make every time you dream about hitting the lottery…you know the one. Not the one that includes paying off student loans, other debts and helping friends and family in need. It’s the fun one, meant for big dreams of lavish luxuries and gadgets that are only bought by people who have money to blow. It goes something like this:

lottery We Promise Youve Never Seen a Pool Like This

If this list continued, it would become a laundry list of amazing things that my spectacular mansion would have. This pool would definitely be on that list.

hiddenpool02 We Promise Youve Never Seen a Pool Like This













Here are the top 5 reasons why this pool is AWESOME!

  1. It saves space! For those who don’t have enough room for a patio and pool it offers the best of both worlds.
  2. It works fast. You can turn your pool into a patio in just 2 minutes.
  3. It is fun for the whole family because of the variable depths! This pool has 3 different depth settings which allow little ones and pets to enjoy shallow water and teenagers and grownups to enjoy. The depth settings include: Splash Pool: 0″-12″, Puddle Pool: 12″-36″, and Full Depth AKA Big Kid Pool: 50″-72″ which is perfect for my personal favorite…the Cannon Ball!
  4. Its energy efficient. According to, this pool requires substantially less energy to heat the pool water since the patio is manufactured with composite materials that create a thermal blanket above the water.
  5. It is safe. When the pool isn’t being used the patio pops back up which can avoid accidental drowning or water related injuries that can occur with a conventional pool.
  6. (Ok I know I said 5 but this is a bonus) This video is set to James Bond music! Any pool that is worthy of having the Bond theme gets an automatic boost in cool factor.

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