4738992473 38ff2f7971 300x237 Whats Next in Real Estate?This week I’m in San Francisco at what is one of the biggest real estate and technology/social media conferences of the year. Jam packed schedule full of startup ventures, cutting edge tech and thought provoking topics all centered around the real estate industry both now and in the future. You would not believe some of the amazing things I’ve seen here including an augmented reality contact lens (think Terminator), crowd sourcing mobile applications, and tons of discussion around the importance of video.

So what does this mean for you as the real estate shopper or prospective seller? Well, there are two things that you should take comfort in. The first is that Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC continues to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing sellers with unmatched ways to market their homes and allowing buyers to find the property they want in the way they want to find it. From the Coldwell Banker mobile apps, to mobile sites, to On Location YouTube channel to our brand new BlueScape search, the Coldwell Banker brand is more than a few steps ahead of what other real estate companies are just starting to become aware of.

The second thing to take comfort in is that Coldwell Banker isn’t satisfied to just rest on our laurels. While others may be trying to match our current offerings, our sites are set on ways to improve our destinations and discover what’s coming that will give our customers the best real estate experience out there.

So while I may not have an answer to the title of this post, it’s the constant quest for the solution that keeps Coldwell Banker moving forward.

Now I have to crawl on the floor to find my augmented reality contact lens.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user krupp