youtube sign rider 300x274 Will Real Estate Ever Fully Adopt Video?...the answer is YES!I just read an interesting blog questioning whether video in real estate sales will ever go mainstream.  Author Stephen Fells doesn’t think so.  I completely disagree.  And I better be right!

Consumers are demanding video and we better give it to you.  A recent infographic showed that 73% of homeowners would want to list with an agent who had video capability, but only 12% of Realtors have a YouTube account.

youtube realestate stat 300x116 Will Real Estate Ever Fully Adopt Video?...the answer is YES!

Thankfully, while the industry struggles to adopt video, Coldwell Banker is way out in front.  We have seen great adoption within the Coldwell Banker ® brand to Coldwell Banker On Locationsm which debuted on YouTube in May 2009.

Since we introduced our collaboration with Google and YouTube, Coldwell Banker agents have uploaded more than 60,000 videos.  We have countless examples of consumers choosing an agent and even finding their home via video.

Adoption to video seems to be following a pattern in our industry.  Years ago when digital cameras went mainstream, real estate agents made a slow transition to using to digital photography to market homes.  In fact, we once enacted a rule that forced agents to have at least one digital photo on their listing.  Today, photo counts on a listing can routinely be in the dozens.

But  photos just don’t cut it anymore.  The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is outdated today.  And it should be.  After all, that line was coined 80 years ago according to Wikipedia.  So what’s a video worth?  I checked on Google and unfortunately no one has come up with a popular  new phrase.  But in real estate, I can tell you it’s worth a lot!  Videos allow an agent’s personality to shine through as they showcase their experiences, neighborhoods and listings.  And the homes you are buying and selling, including fireplaces, ceiling fans and other amenities, simply look better in video.

Coldwell Banker has made a major commitment to video.  Not only is our On Location channel heavily promoted, but your agents who utilize video are rewarded.  Listings with videos attached automatically receive higher priority in an customer search.  And that is the way it should be as we continue the video education process.

And, of course, the quick adoption of the iPad has put video on the front burner.  The larger screen, portability and ease of use is allowing the iPad to revolutionize how we consumer video content.   As the first national real estate brand with an iPad app, we put the power of On Location to work.  Our app heavily features video.  In fact, a real estate app without video is like driving a Maserati without proper tire pressure.  Sure, the car will perform but not at the maximum effectiveness you paid for.

The time has come for greater adoption of video in the real estate community.  We are working hard to help Coldwell Banker agents push the envelope even further.

“73-12″ chart from infographic, Real Estate Industry + Social Media Use by Alexis Lamster