I’ve had the iPad since it first came on the market and I have to tell you I’m addicted to it. I like it for web browsing. I love it for video. And it’s extremely good for catching up on news. Of course that’s all on an entertainment level of enjoyment, but I see a ton of uses for the home owner and home shopper as well.

So far my favorite real estate app for the iPad is called Houzz. Houzz.com is a site where interior decorators and home design professionals share their various works and you can browse through their online catalog for ideas. It’s like pulling pictures of rooms you like out of a magazine and storing them in a folder. I know my wife did this all the time when we were buying our first home and she was looking for design ideas. Come to think of it, she still does it.

The Houzz app on the iPad is an app version of the site that lets you search through photos of  room designs based on style, room type and even geography. You could search for only kitchens photos that have a modern design that are common in the New York metro area. Or Mediterranean style kid’s rooms in Hong Kong. Or what about tropical media rooms near Phoenix? The search options are endless and the browsing is entertaining.

The photo quality is top notch and fills up the entire iPad screen without a hint of graininess or blurring, which has befuddled a number of other real estate apps. Just flick your finger to look at the next set of photos or you can you use their “nearby” feature to see if any of the designs on Houzz are close to your current location.

It’s basically a dreaming app for your iPad which may potentially cost me a few hundred extra dollars as my home may have some unexpected new decor being added to it (thanks a lot, Houzz).

For more on the Houzz app for the iPad, check out the video below or you can download it directly from the iPad app store: