Apartment Living Tips: Saying Buh-Bye to Summer

Key apartment living tips for New Yorkers include how to transition their apartments and homes from summer to fall. Not only does transitioning your space free up valuable living space, but it also helps put you in the mood for the coming season.

One group of key apartment living tips is figuring out how to transition your home from summer to fall. Didn’t it seem like when we were growing up that summer vacation went on forever and ever? I remember flying up and down green hills, stuffing my face with fresh-picked berries until I nearly burst, and lying back on the cool grass with my friends, squeezing our eyes tight as we basked in the sun. School was a million years away, Now, it seems like back-to-school sales start up the day kids break for summer holidays, and salespeople look at you like you’ve got a screw loose when you wander into Bloomingdale’s or Target looking for a swimsuit in June. Summer goes by fast, folks, so enjoy it while it’s here. Once that giant summer sundial starts to tick towards fall, though, you’ll need to prep your home — and your mind — for fall. Follow these apartment living tips to get your NYC home ready for the season ahead.

Stow Your Summer Stuff

Make room by storing your summer clothes, sports gear, and decor. You’d be blown away by how much space seasonal stuff takes up in your home when you don’t get rid of it during the off season. If you’ve got extra storage in your house, you’re set. If you don’t, you have several options; you can donate the items that you don’t think you’ll be using next summer. This includes summer gear that will be out of season or summery decor that you’ve just grown tired of. Another option would be to rent out a storage room for the fall and winter months. Companies like Public Storage, Cube Smart, and Manhattan Mini Storage offer storage spaces for as little as $29 per month. For prices that low, you’re getting a storage space the size of a closet, but that may be all you need.

Take Out Your A/Cs

Window A/C’s are a necessary evil for many New Yorkers who live in apartments without central air conditioning. Many of us dread the day we need to lug these heavy machines out of storage and wedge them into our windows, subsequently driving up our electric bills and blocking our precious natural lighting and/or views. Taking your window A/C out of your window and throwing it back into storage is one of the most enjoyable end-of-summer rituals. The only hard part is figuring out exactly when to do it. Heat and humidity can easily continue well through September and into October, so time your removal carefully. And if you’re worried about power bills for next summer? Join coolNYC, the window A/C program from Con Ed that allows New Yorkers to control their window A/Cs remotely!

Change Your Indoor Color Palette and Theme

When nature changes its decor from a bright, green summer look to a rich, colorful fall palette, you can’t help but feel excited about the fall season. The deep reds, browns, and golds make you feel giddy about the upcoming holiday and party season. Changing out your summertime decor for something more autumnal can have the same effect on your mood. You don’t have to press leaves or put out pumpkins; instead, welcome in the season via color elements like rust-colored throws or gold-tinged rugs. A glass vase full of orange protea flowers or a tin bucket filled to bursting with golden dahlias are instant fixes for the end-of-summer blues.

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