Getting Your NYC Apartment Ready for the Start of Summer

There’s nothing like the start of summer in NYC: concerts in the park, picnics, bike rides on Governors Island. Getting your apartment ready for the summer will help you enjoy all of the fabulousness that is summer in the city.

There wasn’t one person in NYC who wasn’t ready for the start of summer this year. Remember that scene in the film The Day After Tomorrow when the heroes realize with horror and wonder that New York City has been turned into an arctic dead zone? Everything covered in ice as far as the eye could see? Yeah, that was NYC this past year. Never thought you’d miss the city’s August swelter, did you? Well, believe it or not, summer’s here, and it’s time to make sure your apartment is ready for the season.

Prep Your AC

If you use a window air conditioner, you have to make sure that it’s ready to do battle with a NYC summer.

  • Replace the filter prior to the start of summer. You should replace or at least clean your AC filter every three months because a dirty filter will interfere with your unit’s ability to blow cold air (which might make you blow a gasket).
  • Clean the condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner hose that has a brush attached. Make sure that the coils aren’t bent. If they are, straighten them out using a coil fin comb.

Clean Up

Giving your house a deep cleaning for summer is well worth the effort.

  • Throw all your sheets, blankets, duvets and duvet covers into the laundry. If you’ve stored away your summer linens, throw them in the wash as well so that they have a fresh, laundered scent and feel.
  • Clean your windows. Clean your windows. Clean your windows. Are you getting the hint? Nothing will let that summer sunshine in like sparkling clean windows. If you don’t want to do them yourself, check out window cleaner recommendations online.
  • Steam clean your refrigerator. Throw out any old food, as well as any containers filled with contents of unknown origin. Fill it up with fresh juices, waters, veggies, and fruit.
  • Wash your floors, and give them a quick polish if you can. You’ll love the way they look!

Invite Summer Indoors

That cozy, dimly lit intimate look you cultivated so carefully when decorating your space for the winter may feel too dark and heavy for the summer. Let the light in!

  • Pull down heavy curtains, and replace them with bright, light-colored drapes made of breezier materials like cotton or chiffon. Many people choose white drapes for summer because they provide coverage and privacy without blocking out the light. You can pick up super-cheap yet beautiful white drapes from stores like Ikea.
  • Repaint your space. A fresh coat of paint will help make the apartment feel brand new, lightening up the room and your mood.
  • Replace dark sofa slipcovers with light-colored ones. You’ll be blown away at how much it will brighten up your space.
  • Nothing says warm weather more than a vase filled with bright, colorful flowers. And you don’t have to spring for a $350 bouquet from Banchet Flowers on 16th Street (although you could). A tin filled with a bunch of giant sunflowers bought from the corner bodega can be just as beautiful.

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