Clever Playroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to corralling all your kids’ stuff, sometimes all you need are a few creative storage ideas. A playroom is often the most jumbled, disorderly place in your DFW home, but you can control the mess. Read this post for creative ideas!

Sometimes all you need are a few creative storage ideas when it comes to corralling all your kids’ stuff. A playroom is often the most jumbled, disorderly place in your DFW home, but you can control the clutter and minimize the mess. Read on for some storage ideas to restore some order to your children’s play space.

Create Color-Coded Bins

If your kids have any kind of building toys, you probably have a bajillion tiny blocks and bricks hidden around your home. Embark on a mission to round up all those pieces, sort them out, and stash them in bins according to color. It’s an easy way to store and organize multiple pieces, and hey, your playroom just might rival the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas.

Utilize the Walls

Storage ideas aren’t limited to bins and baskets on the floor (although these are always smart solutions). Make the most of all your playroom space by using the walls to hang pegboards, shelves, or wall units.

Think Clear

Translucent storage options are best for playrooms because they allow your children to see what’s inside. When organizing toys, dedicate a transparent bin or box for each type of toy: dolls, stuffed animals, toy cars, and so on. You and your kids will know what’s inside the box without having to take it off a shelf or open the lid.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Pieces

Any time you can get a children’s desk or activity table with built-in storage, it’s a smart move for keeping your home’s playroom tidy. Use those drawers to keep art supplies and toys organized and neat. Here are a few storage ideas for inspiration.

Rethink Ordinary Household Items

You know that shoe organizer hanging in your closet or the laundry basket by the washing machine? Those are actually a couple of clever storage ideas for your playroom. Thanks to their many nifty pockets, shoe organizers are great for storing dolls and all their accessories. And laundry baskets are perfect for stashing soccer balls, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment.

Your children’s playroom doesn’t have to be a hub of chaos and clutter. Kids manage to amass a substantial amount of toys over the years, but you don’t have to succumb to the endless clutter. By putting these ideas into play, you’ll bring some organization and structure into the most fun part of every home: the playroom.

What storage ideas have worked for you? Leave a comment below!

Image Source: Flickr/Andrew Watson


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    kids playroom is the messiest place. My kid’s playroom already crowded with kids toys. Thanks for sharing kids playroom organization ideas to organize kids toys. It will be a great solution to cover all kids toys.

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    February 20, 2018

    Nice and very informative post. Audrey you doing very well.


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