Cost of Living by City: Manhattan Offers So Much for Your Money

When looking at the cost of living by city New York City might scare some off, but the “city that never sleeps” is nicknamed that for a reason, having so much to offer to offset living expenses. Your dollars spent living in Manhattan bring much in return.

When looking at the cost of living by city, New York City might scare some off, but “The City That Never Sleeps” is nicknamed that for a reason, having so much to offer to offset living expenses. In NYC, you get what you pay for, and your dollars spent living in Manhattan bring much in return. Excitement, relaxation, shopping, and culture can be found around just about every corner in Manhattan.

See the Sights and Save Money by Living in NYC

Every week of the year will bring something new to experience when living in Manhattan. Broadway, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are just a small sampling of landmarks to take in when in the Big Apple. In the amazing Central Park alone, one can discover wonderful new activities throughout the year, from visiting the zoo to fishing, visiting historic landmarks, and seeing free concerts and free Shakespeare in the Park. Take a walk along the new High Line park or a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for a free view of the city. In addition to the parks and landmarks, you can also visit many of NYC’s world-class museums for free.

Enjoy Broadway Bargains

If you’re a theater buff, the larger cost of living by city that one may have when paying rent or buying a residence in Manhattan may be worth it when factoring in the money saved on Broadway shows alone. Broadway Rush, Lottery, and Standing Room Only tickets allow those who reside in Manhattan the ability to view an expensive Broadway show for only $20 to $40. Get great theater deals every week simply by waiting on a line at the box office on the show date to purchase rush tickets or be entered into a lottery. Find standing room low prices for the most popular shows that have been sold out.

Score World-Class Shopping Discounts

Nowhere compares to Manhattan when it comes to shopping for fashion and decor. “Trendy” and “stylish” are words that instantly come to mind when describing the people who live in New York City. Those who reside in Manhattan know where to go to get the most for their dollars. Sample sales are New York City’s little secret for its inhabitants to stay looking chic for less even when paying more for living. One can easily afford their own beautiful designer fashions shopping after work or on the weekend by finding a sample sale to get as much as 80 percent off retail.

Sample Gourmet Dining on a Budget

Imagine a place that has so many restaurants that one can actually eat at a new one every night of the year. And the best meals don’t necessarily command the highest prices. In fact, NYC offers plenty of opportunities to eat exquisite meals for $20 or less.

Cut Down on Transportation Costs

A major joy of living in New York City is that one gets to ditch the expense of owning a car. Public transportation and walking are what living in Manhattan is about. New bike lanes throughout the city make it a breeze to get to destinations by bicycle. Without a need for a vehicle, residents can save plenty of money each year by eliminating the need to pay for insurance, maintenance, or gas.

When comparing your cost of living by city, it’s important to factor in the amazing advantages one has when living in Manhattan. New York City is a sought-out vacation spot for people from around the world. Imagine living in the center of this internationally renowned destination!


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