Gated Communities in Dallas: 5 Things to Know

Making the decision to move into one of the gated communities in Dallas takes research, but with beautiful terrain and lively shopping and entertainment districts, there’s no limit to what a private retreat could provide. Here are five things to know.

The gated communities in Dallas are a hot spot for individuals and families, and there are dozens of neighborhoods from which to choose. Making the decision to move into a gated community takes research, as well as an understanding of what kind of neighborhood best suits you. Here are five things to consider in researching the best gated communities in Dallas.

1. Location

Because of its size in miles, Dallas can be a puzzle to new residents. The difference between living in North Dallas, South Dallas, Northwest Dallas, and every other geographic direction is frequently a key point in the decision of which best gated communities in Dallas to choose. The gated communities in North and Northwest Dallas typically have more acreage, meaning larger amenities such as golf courses, walking and jogging trails, ponds and lakes. Having only limited green space, gated communities that are closer to downtown are more likely to offer a library, media room, arts and crafts, clubs for a variety of interests, as well as game nights. Also, if your gated community is farther north, keep your commuting time in mind.

2. Luxury Living and Upscale Neighborhoods

In Dallas, you can find a wide array of home styles. The question is what your budget will allow. For example, when looking at a gated community in Dallas, you can find ones with homes that start in the $260,000 range. If you go north and/or west, there are some that start as low as $160,000.

3. Amenities of a Gated Community

When seeking the best gated communities in Dallas, you might want towering oaks, creeks, lakes, waterfalls, green space, and neighborhood ducks. You might prefer a community with a clubhouse, golf course, swim pavilion, picnic areas, walking and jogging trails, or maybe you’re searching for a community with wine tastings, book clubs, and poker nights. And when you’re looking for your new neighborhood in Dallas, you’ll need to consider proximity of shopping centers, schools, hospitals and medical centers, business centers and nearby highways. Finding the best gated communities in Dallas with your favorite stores can make the difference.

4. Sense of Security

Many homeowners choose a gated community for the sense of security they provide, and the same goes for Dallas. You’ll find 8-foot-tall walls of Texas stone, wrought-iron fences, keypad entrances, guard gated entrances, ID-required entrances, security cameras, neighborhood watch groups, and even community newsletters that provide tips to help keep the neighborhood both vigilant and safe.

5. Ready for a Retirement Community

If you’re an older adult looking for an active community, you can choose from apartments, town homes and houses in the best gated communities in Dallas. There are tree-lined streets with downtown skyline views, golf courses, social centers, and nearby amenities. With apartment homes, there typically is the option to rent as well. If you go just a few minutes north and west of Dallas, you’ll find neighborhoods of garden homes all the way to million-dollar neighborhoods.

Choosing between the gated communities of Dallas does require research by the prospective homeowner, but with so many options — from beautiful terrain to lively shopping and entertainment districts — there’s no limit to what a private retreat in a planned community could provide.


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  1. sarah
    November 2, 2014

    Well done! Dallas is huge and when moving there, it’s hard to know what part of town is best! Thanks for the post!

  2. anthony
    November 17, 2014


    thanks for information!!

  3. Access Analytics
    December 14, 2016

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