Halloween Decorations: Tips for Your DFW Home

Putting up Halloween decorations can be a fun activity with family and friends — especially when it comes to enjoying a break from months of oppressive summer heat. Pay a visit to your local Halloween or party store for fun, ghoulish decorations.

For many Texans, Halloween embodies the distinct smells and sensations of fall. As October approaches, Dallas-Fort Worth residents enjoy cooler temperatures and crisp air while children and young adults mull over which costume will bring the most candy and fun. Putting up Halloween decorations can be a fun activity with family and friends — especially when it comes to enjoying a break from months of oppressive summer heat. Celebrated in various forms throughout the world, Halloween is almost universally associated with the harvest of summer crops, the changing of the seasons, and for many, preparation for winter.

Here are some ideas for Halloween decorations you can use in and around your home to capture the spirit:

Incorporate Halloween and Autumn-Themed Colors

Incorporating colors associated with Halloween and autumn is an easy way to celebrate this fall holiday. From the warm colors of pumpkin to earthy greens and hints of burgundy, the right tones definitely help set the mood for fall. Consider placing gold and dark red mums on your front porch. For the interior spaces of your home, you might want to incorporate fall colors by swapping out throw pillows on your couch and placing harvest-themed flower arrangements in your dining room.

Carved Pumpkins in Your Home or On Your Porch

Not only are carved pumpkins traditional Halloween décor, but making them is also a fun activity for family and friends. With easy-to-use templates available at supermarkets and craft stores, you can carve pumpkins with a variety of patterns and designs. You can even go beyond the traditional jack-O-lantern theme with templates of different spooky scenes and silhouettes of witches, goblins, and cats. For added effect, place small votive candles inside your pumpkins and light them at dusk.

Decorate Your Lawn and Porch with Fun, Ghoulish Finds

Pay a visit to your local party store for fun, ghoulish decorations. The Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts a number of such stores, including a number of Party City locations. Fake spiders and “witchy” decals are fun ways to display your enthusiasm for Halloween on your home’s doors, walls, and windows, though of course you have many more options.

Choose a Theme

With all of your Halloween-inspired options, consider narrowing down your décor with a specific theme. For example, try decorating your lawn and house with items related to mythical creatures or beings like vampires or zombies. Another fun option is to turn your home into a haunted house or cemetery. By choosing a theme, you can easily incorporate characters from your favorite movies or pop culture icons related to horror films and literature.

Because of Halloween’s rich history in the United States and abroad, decorating for this holiday can be easily tailored to your personal tastes and cultural origins. And don’t forget to dress the part — downtown Dallas boasts one of the oldest costume shops in the entire Southwestern United States in the Dallas Costume Shoppe. Even if you don’t end up buying, browsing the shop is sure to give you ideas!

Whatever you choose to do, the Metroplex is a great place to celebrate the Halloween season. Get in on the festivities and spread the spooky fun!


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