According to the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, the average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Idaho is $248,011. Check out listings in Idaho and the full state ranking for 2014 below. To see how your market compares nationally, visit

EagleID$360,659.091Show me listings
HaydenID$325,721.972Show me listings
Coeur D'AleneID$283,152.263Show me listings
MeridianID$274,923.304Show me listings
StarID$274,287.335Show me listings
BoiseID$268,653.096Show me listings
RathdrumID$266,257.567Show me listings
KunaID$240,558.248Show me listings
LewistonID$238,071.969Show me listings
Post FallsID$213,405.5810Show me listings
NampaID$196,099.9811Show me listings
CaldwellID$181,515.8312Show me listings
Idaho FallsID$146,300.0013Show me listings
PayetteID$115,510.0014Show me listings