According to the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, the average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in New Mexico is $256,302. Check out listings in New Mexico and the full state ranking for 2014 below. To see how your market compares nationally, visit

Santa FeNM$441,920.591Show me listings
FarmingtonNM$298,296.842Show me listings
AlbuquerqueNM$273,854.453Show me listings
RuidosoNM$262,895.534Show me listings
ClovisNM$247,502.225Show me listings
Rio RanchoNM$240,541.366Show me listings
AztecNM$238,512.507Show me listings
AlamogordoNM$231,962.738Show me listings
BelenNM$222,178.579Show me listings
Las CrucesNM$212,293.3310Show me listings
Los LunasNM$206,364.6311Show me listings
EdgewoodNM$203,690.0012Show me listings
RoswellNM$185,463.6413Show me listings
GallupNM$155,753.8514Show me listings