According to the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, the average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Tennessee is $206,730. Check out listings in Tennessee and the full state ranking for 2014 below. To see how your market compares nationally, visit

GermantownTN$284,937.461Show me listings
KingstonTN$281,881.822Show me listings
LebanonTN$281,153.853Show me listings
MaryvilleTN$258,404.764Show me listings
ColliervilleTN$248,616.675Show me listings
KnoxvilleTN$235,044.366Show me listings
ClevelandTN$219,736.367Show me listings
ChattanoogaTN$205,317.648Show me listings
MurfreesboroTN$203,678.139Show me listings
Johnson CityTN$202,065.9310Show me listings
NashvilleTN$198,095.0011Show me listings
GreenevilleTN$191,177.5012Show me listings
WinchesterTN$188,731.5813Show me listings
HarrimanTN$186,070.5914Show me listings
KingsportTN$182,262.5015Show me listings
ClarksvilleTN$173,099.8716Show me listings
JacksonTN$165,081.0317Show me listings
ShelbyvilleTN$154,976.6718Show me listings
MemphisTN$147,022.2119Show me listings
SweetwaterTN$132,281.8220Show me listings