Holiday Yard Decorations for Spirited Celebrations


Learn how to create dazzling holiday displays that your entire neighborhood can enjoy and appreciate. Know how to work with items and decorations you already have on hand to express your unique Christmas spirit.


Dallas-Fort Worth holiday yard decorations don’t have to be ho-hum during the season of “ho, ho, ho.” With a bit of planning — and maybe some help from a few generous elves — you can transform your lawn into a festive Yuletide paradise.

Create a Scene

Though traditional nativity scenes remain popular, unique and even humorous displays can capture holiday imaginations. Use your old decorations to put a new twist on the concept of a Christmas yard display. Start by deciding on a theme and have fun with staging. For example, instead of randomly positioning reindeer, elves, and Santa figures, transform your entire lawn into a North Pole toy workshop. With a retired table and some broken tools, you can build a faux conveyor belt. Fill the season with laughter and mirth by staging a scene in which reindeer chase off a sneaky Grinch, or two cheeky snowmen battle it out in an ironic snowball fight.

Work With What You Have

Not every yard can be home to a winter wonderland spectacle. If your lawn space or budget is tight, or you simply want to keep your decorations to a minimum, you can add minor touches to your yard to express huge holiday spirit. Spruce up an existing garden by “planting” artificial poinsettias or border your walkway with potted versions.

Give your lawn some simple holiday sparkle by spray-painting and gluing glitter on some pine cones before dotting your landscape with them. Adorn your shrubs or bushes with ornaments and consider using them to spell out letters and seasonal messages. Make over artificial plants by dousing them in fake snow and wrapping them in colorful garland before setting them out on your porch.

DIY Projects

Many arts and craft lovers rejoice when the holiday season arrives, as it can be the perfect time to become a Santa hat–clad artisan. If you’re the type to create decorations from scratch, dazzle the neighborhood with your craftsmanship. Entrance your home‘s visitors by placing luminarias along your walkway; get creative with the encasement and lighting sources. Use reclaimed wood to cobble together two-dimensional Christmas trees, reindeer, and other holiday-related figures to post on your lawn. String lights on a pole to construct another easy, instant outdoor Christmas tree. Make a homemade garland out of items that are important to you or exemplify your personality or profession.

Add a chalkboard to your yard that boasts a new, holiday-themed message every day. To keep your yard decor dynamic without batteries or state-of-the-art animatronics, write different lyrics to your favorite Christmas song on the board each day. You can also choose to display positive, holiday-themed words that remind readers of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Bigger, the Merrier

As the old adage goes, bigger is often better in Texas. Express your full sensibilities by super-sizing your holiday yard decorations. Create large, show-stopping Christmas light balls by using chicken wire or another malleable wire to build circular structures and wrap lights around them. Experiment with different shapes, like a reindeer or snowman, to prove that you don’t need Santa’s workshop to create magic.

Present your neighborhood with the tantalizing sight of a yard full of huge gifts. Cover old shoes, clothes, and moving boxes with gift wrapping paper and top them with bows before showcasing them under a tree in your yard. Be sure to pack them with rocks to weigh them down. If you’re concerned that a neighborhood Grinch might nab them, add a lump of coal to their interiors to serve as an unforgettable and seasonally appropriate gift of humility!


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