Jacksonville Flea Market: Find Creative Pieces for Your Custom Living Room

Jacksonville Flea Market and Farmer’s Market is home to dozens of sellers with an eclectic offering. Use this resource for raw materials for living room decor projects. Your decorating style is unique and you love nothing more than to fill your home.

Your decorating style is unique and you love nothing more than to fill your living space with one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’ve gotten truly creative, you’ve already started creating some on your own. Transforming old, boring furniture and decor into noteworthy showpieces is a great way to bring your unique taste and style to your Jacksonville living room. The best projects come from older materials with clean or interesting lines, and you’ll find an abundance of these at the Jacksonville Flea Market and Farmer’s Market at Pecan Park. While you’ll rarely find items here to use as is, the eclectic sellers in this flea market offer a huge variety of items that can be transformed into great living room decor.

Wooden Furniture

Be prepared to strip, paint, or stain the pieces you find here. When you look for interesting pieces to buy and work on, look past the surface to the lines of the wood. Look for solid, heavy construction that doesn’t wobble or bend, and be prepared to change the basic nature of any piece you pick up. A solid but unattractive coffee table can be turned into a fun pouf footstool by covering it with mounds of foam and cushioning, then covering it with an interesting fabric. Solid shelves, other than those made of pressed wood, are always valuable and worth buying. You can stain them or add a whimsical paint job and use them as entertainment centers, DVD shelves, or even homes for books.


The spray paint industry has done wonders for crafters who want to transform smaller objects from ugly to fabulous. Just like wooden pieces, you have to look at the lines below the surface when it comes to buying lamps. Make sure they work before you go any further. For those that do light up, take a look at the shape. Imagine that ugly multicolored ceramic piece covered in textured stone paint, making it look as if it were carved instead of molded. Instead of living with a cheap brass finish that’s peeling, cover smaller lamps with matte paint in rich jewel tones. Get rid of the old shades and add new ones with stenciled designs or modern collage work.


Creative transformation really shines on your purchases from the Jacksonville Flea Market. Look for large paintings with ugly frames. Discard the frames and staple bright fabrics over the canvas for instant modern art. Cut random T-shirts into strips and crochet them into baskets. Turn an eclectic collection of teacups into decorative candles, or sew old clothes into an attractive throw for the back of the couch for those cool Jacksonville winter nights.

The way to achieve successful flea market decorating is to always be willing to change anything you find. Never accept a piece as it is; rather, look at it and question what it can become. Try a number of crafting techniques to turn someone else’s junk into a living room full of wonderful personalized decor.


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