Master Bedroom Ideas for Dallas-Fort Worth Locals

Are you looking for master bedroom ideas for your home or apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? With the right color palette, fabric, accents, and furniture, you can turn a typical master bedroom into something extraordinary.

Are you searching for master bedroom ideas for your Dallas-Fort Worth home? While at first glance it may seem difficult to make a bedroom unique, master suites throughout the Metroplex draw on inspiration from varied styles, including transitional, modern, and traditional. With the right color palette, fabric, accents, and furniture, you can turn a typical master bedroom into something extraordinary.

Homes built in the last three decades (and even many older homes) often boast expansive master bedrooms. These large rooms, paired with en-suite bathrooms, provide the perfect retreat from life’s stressors in the comfort of your home. Many interior designers strive to create serene and cozy spaces for their clients looking for a good night’s sleep in style while also drawing on the occupants’ tastes so that the bedroom feels homey and personal.

Sitting Furniture

One common feature in master suites throughout the Metroplex is the addition of furniture beyond that of the normal assortment of bed, chest of drawers, and nightstands. The team at Dallas-area design firm Traci Connell Interiors maintains a blog where its designers share tips on all facets of home decor. In a recent blog post with photos showing the design team’s favorite master bedroom ideas, you can see that most of the rooms incorporate small yet comfortable sitting spaces. You can achieve this with overstuffed chairs, upholstered benches, and contemporary loveseats. Adding a sitting area to a master bedroom is a great option for a quiet reading space or just a comfortable seat to retreat to a zen-like room before bedtime.


As with any room, lighting is an important component of the design process. Since the objective of a master bedroom is to create a retreat from the outside world, soft lighting is best. Consider low-wattage bulbs for recessed lighting and table lamps to achieve soothing illumination. Natural light is important, too — especially considering the effect sunlight has on the waking process. Dallas interior designers Baker Design Group emphasize the importance of natural light by suggesting window treatments that allow you to “pull them aside during the day but also keep them closed when you feel like sleeping in.”

Fabric and Colors

When selecting wall and accent colors along with fabrics for your bed, choose hues and textures that appeal to you. Bedroom linens and pillows should feel plush and inviting to the touch. Dress up your bed with extra pillows and fluffy, luxurious blankets or comforters. Bright and vibrant colors like red and yellow can be too stimulating for the bedroom, impairing your ability to get much-needed rest. The Baker Design Group recommends that you go for soothing, serene shades instead. Opt for muted tones in a color family you like: Grays, blues, browns, and earthy greens work well. To achieve a cohesive feel, be sure to incorporate wall colors and their complementary hues in your throw pillows, blankets, and wall art.

For more master bedrooms ideas and inspiration, purchase some of your favorite home and garden magazines or take a trip to your local furniture and bedding store to find styles that speak to you.


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