What is a Pattern Book?

Andersen Windows explains how a pattern book can serve as a guide to keeping within the characteristics of a particular home style.

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Great cooks have recipes they can share with friends who love their food, but what do architects and builders do when they have a client who loves a particular home style? They consult pattern books.

Architects rely on pattern books to outline the principles and formulas of architectural styles. Building or remodeling a home requires constant communication between architects, contractors and homeowners. It can be a daunting project for everyone, with hundreds of decisions to be made beginning with the most basic; which home style do we want? Once that decision is made, pattern books have traditionally been used to answer the next question; how do we make that style come to life? Today, there is a renewed interest in pattern books as planners and developers look to build new communities with a focus on style.

So, whether you prefer Craftsman Bungalow or French Eclectic, a pattern book can serve as your guide to keeping within the characteristics of that particular home style.

The result of years of research, pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present the quintessential architectural details of the most popular American home styles, with an emphasis on window and door design options. With these books, homeowners are given the tools to help them discuss and communicate their vision of home. In other words, pattern books give contractors, architects and homeowners a common language to align around a vision and make it a reality.

Not intended as a “rule book,” the Andersen Home Style Pattern Books help give homeowners a sense of what building elements contribute to a home’s style. With that information, it’s easier to move your dream home from the paper to the neighborhood. Visit the Andersen Windows website for more information on the Andersen Style Library, or to order your own Pattern Books today.

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