3 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer in NYC

Throwing an end of summer party is the perfect way to get rid of those end-of-season blues. You can party at one of the city’s remaining festivals or in the comfort of your own home. Following are a few ideas.

Why is it so hard to say goodbye to the end of summer? Because goodbyes stink. Goodbyes are never easy. Saying goodbye to friends or family members who are moving away hurts. Saying adios to friends at an old job as you embark on new endeavors is painful. Saying goodbye to the end of summer can put you into a deep depression for days. That’s where throwing a party comes in. Check out below for some great ideas.

1. Check Out an End-of-Summer Film Festival

Watching outdoor films in the summertime is a NYC tradition. The end of August usually signals the end of the season’s film festivals, but there’s still one out there that shouldn’t be missed. The one that will allow you to say goodbye to summer film festivals AND the beach is the Coney Island Film Festival. Taking place September 18–20, this proudly peculiar film festival uses Coney Island’s funky eccentricities as a backdrop for airing an awesome mix of independent and classic films and shorts. For $50, you get a full festival pass that gives you access to everything the three-day festival has to offer, including the awesome opening night party kicking off the festivities at the Freak Bar and Side Shows By the Seashore. The only thing the full festival pass doesn’t include is the entry fee for the Saturday special screening of the cult classic The Warriors, a film which is totally worth the extra $10.

2. Throw a Final Beach Party

Nothing says “summer” like a beach party, so grab your wine, favorite cheeses, prosciutto, olives, and treats from the Magnolia Bakery before heading out to one of the area beaches and having a last hurrah. If you head over to Montauk Point in Long Island, you can build a bonfire. Imagine the crackling flames as you sit and sip with your nearest and dearest, talking about everything and nothing. There’s something about the beach in the evening that will help everyone forget their end-of-summer blues.

3. Have a “Let’s Donate Our Summer Clothes” Party

If you’re a person who keeps pace lock step with the trends, there are probably a few items in your summer closet that you won’t be using next season. The coral hue that’s everywhere this summer may not translate well next year. While you may think twice before wearing some of your summer gear again, there are people in the city who would LOVE to have it. Have everyone bring their clothes to your house. Make it a potluck, or just order Seamless. The group can help decide what’s in and what’s out if someone is on the fence. You’d be surprised at how much good quality gear can end up in the “give away” pile at the end of the night. You’ll have emptied out your closet, freeing up valuable space, but most importantly, you’ll be helping someone in need. Organizations like Pick Up Please offer free pickups of donated clothing, while there are plenty of Goodwill and Salvation Army drop off spots.

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