Unique Backsplash Ideas for Your Philadelphia Kitchen

The kitchen backsplash serves as a wonderful focal point for a busy room in your home. Rather than the traditional 6 x 6 neutral ceramic tile, here are some unique and fun backsplash ideas incorporating materials such as glass and metal.

The kitchen backsplash serves as a wonderful focal point for a busy room in your home. Rather than the traditional 6 x 6 neutral ceramic tile, more and more kitchen designers are applying unexpected or unusual materials on kitchen backsplashes. If you’re looking to up the design drama in your Philadelphia kitchen, here are some backsplash ideas to help you create a bold or unique statement.



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The unmatched look of metal serves as a functional and beautiful backsplash. Choose from a variety of patterns on tin or stainless steel sheets. Smaller stainless steel brick shaped tiles add a modern edge to any kitchen and are also easy to clean and maintain. Today’s metals also come in a wide range of finishes, including brushed and polished. Expanded options include a metallic look created with glass and metallic tile mosaics or ceramic tiles painted in copper, gold, or pewter shades.

Colorful Glass tile

Add a splash of color in a neutral kitchen with a bright glass tile mosaic. If you like jewel tones, a bright turquoise glass tile looks great against white kitchen cabinets. Sea glass is another bright and beautiful alternative. The translucent qualities of glass help to capture and enhance the natural light in your kitchen as well as adding depth and brightness to your backsplash design.


For a unique industrial look, consider a concrete backsplash. Embossed concrete adds a contemporary feel to a backsplash through the use of newer patterns.


If you love the look of wood, backsplashes can be constructed using bead board, plywood. Salvaged or reclaimed wood can be used to create an eco-friendly backsplash.

Natural Stone

Natural stone elevates the look of your kitchen with its depth and texture. Marble, travertine, or granite are all great choices and available in tiles or slabs.

Unexpected Patterns and Colors

If you choose traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can always create something new by mixing up patterns and colors. Try a chevron or herringbone pattern or use traditional subway tiles in a vertical, rather than horizontal, layout. A wide range of colors are now available in backsplash tiles, so you no longer need to stick with neutrals. Even a lighter pastel can bring added color to your kitchen and make a fun statement.


Image Source: Flickr/Stephen Harris

When choosing unique backsplash designs, remember to follow manufacturer’s installation instructions for care and maintenance. You may need to seal materials like wood and natural stone to prevent staining and water infiltration. For more unique backsplash ideas, consult a kitchen designer in the Philadelphia area today, and talk to a designer about the latest options available.

Main Image Source: Flickr/Brett Spangler


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