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Here’s to Gardens

My transformation to total homeowner occurred about 3 years ago. After having our 2nd child, I decided to become a SAHM (stay at home mom). More and more of my time was spent performing domestic activities such as cooking and washing dishes. Since I spent more time standing in front of the sink, I spent more time looking out the window at the pathetic grass in our backyard.

March 29 / 2012
Author David Marine
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Real Estate Headlines for Last Week in March

March is almost gone. Spring is just about here. Easter bunnies are popping up all over the place. But before April showers start to come our way here are some real estate headlines for this last week in March:

March 28 / 2012

Home Buying for Couples: The Balance of Your Head and Your Heart

Coldwell Banker Real Estate just released a new survey on men vs. women’s perspectives when it comes to the home, and I found many of the findings to be true for my clients as well as in my own home buying experience.  The home buying process takes a combination of your head and your heart [...]

March 27 / 2012
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Meet the New – Pocket Edition

I don’t know if it’s just me but doesn’t it seem like technology and innovation seem to operate in dog years? What happens in a calendar year or two is really more like 7 and 14 years worth of new technologies, data infrastructure, social networks, mobile devices, enhancements, software, so on and so forth. I might be exaggerating a tad bit (am I?) but we all know that “things” are moving lightning fast and consumers are expecting their favorite brands to offer experiences that are in lock-step with what’s new and relevant. Fall a step or two behind and they’ll keep moving without looking back.

A Jersey Bachelor Pad for Tim Tebow

Earlier this week we helped Peyton Manning out by offering some suggestions on places he could call home in the Denver, CO area so it’s only fitting that we offer the same services to the quarterback that he displaced. Tomorrow afternoon, Tim Tebow will officially become a member of the New York Jets. While New York is the city the Jets are given credit for representing, in actuality it’s New Jersey where Tebow will spend most of his time.

“Pinspiration” for Your Dream Home

Pinterest has become one of the hottest social platforms in 2012. It is a place for consumers, brands, bloggers and even celebrities to enjoy joint content curation. Users enjoy creating boards for various topics which often include interior design, party planning, style finds, tasty recipes and much more! I discovered Pinterest seven months ago. As [...]

March 22 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of Spring

Spring is already here. In the Northeast it’s unseasonably warm and I’m loving every minute of it. So before my allergies kick in I’m going to enjoy these moderate temperatures and hope you will too along with these real estate headlines:

March 21 / 2012

A Place in Denver for Peyton Manning to Call Home

Peyton Manning is headed to the Denver Broncos. His options were plenteous, but the former MVP decided he needed some higher elevation to help his chance at winning another Super Bowl. While Manning’s move will garner more press than most it still requires him to do what every person has to do when the move because of a new job…they have to find a place to call home.

March 20 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for March Madness

It’s no secret that I love this time of year. Spring is just about here. Basketball is on almost 24/7. And filling out brackets becomes a national craze. So here are real estate headlines to kick of this week of March Madness:

Here’s to Pets

Meet our big Blue Weimaraner, Thor (Nordic God of Thunder, his name when adopted), and our Shorthaired Pointer pup, Jager (“hunter” in German). They are two in a long line of dogs in my life since I was two years old, and they are an integral part of the value of our home for my wife and me.

March 13 / 2012