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Slideshow: 5 Big Game Worthy Man Caves

Games as big as the Super Bowl require a larger than life experience. You want a really big TV, some exceptional snacking options and an incredible place to watch the game. We went hunting for just the right type of room to watch the Super Bowl on and came across 848 homes currently for sale that have the term “man cave” in the property description.

A Stylish Terrarium for the Home Gardener with Limited Space

Gardening is one of those ideals of prospective home owners. Who doesn’t like the thought of watching something new created from the very soil that you call your own? But not all of us have the backyard, front yard or general land mass to be able to enjoy nature’s bounty.

January 31 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Bruce Springsteen Believes in the Power of Home

“Jersey Strong” has been an anthem of New Jersey for as long as I can remember but last year on October 25 it took on a whole new meaning

Home of the Week: An Amenities-Laden Contemporary

This contemporary home just outside of Pittsburgh in Mt. Washington, Pennsylvania has it all. And by all I mean stuff you never thought you needed, but now that you’ve seen this house you think you will.

Why Are There So Many Country Songs About Home?

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a country music guy. I know, I know, it’s shocking that a boy from New Jersey wasn’t raised on twang of a banjo and only knows The Judds as relatives of Ashley Judd. But as the Grammy Awards approach and we prep for the debut of our new Coldwell Banker campaign, I took a look at the list of Grammy Nominees to see if any songs were about a concept we hold near and dear, home.

Real Estate Headlines for “Big Game” Week

This is always the longest week for any football fan. By the time Friday comes you’ve had enough of the speculation, interviews and human interest stories and are just ready for the big game. In honor of the 49ers and Ravens facing off our header image honors one of the most famous catches of all time. And yes I know this was in the NFC championship game. But enough Super Bowl talk, to help entertain your minds until Sunday rolls around, here are this week’s real estate headlines:

Your Chance to Call Planet Mars Home

The possibility of life on Mars has been discussed for centuries and it may become reality in a mere 10 years

January 25 / 2013
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Ninja Blocks Connects Your Home to Your Smartphone

The almighty phone already rules our lives. It’s with me wherever I go. Commands my attention. It’s not just a phone. It’s my connection to work, videos, my camera, entertainment and access to the almighty Oracle, Google, at a moment’s notice. Now the phone looks to be the scepter to help rule my castle.

January 25 / 2013

Childhood Home of Nickelodeon Star Ariana Grande Hits Market

Every watch iCarly? Victorious? Come on…admit it. These Nickelodeon classics are this decade’s Happy Days, Full House and Wonder Years rolled into one. And if you haven’t seen it, your kids or grandchildren definitely have.

January 24 / 2013

Slideshow: 6 Homes with Incredible Indoor Pools

It’s January. It was 16 degrees out this morning when I started writing this. The furthest thing from my mind was going out for a swim. But if I didn’t have to go outside and could enjoy some swim time within the confines of my well heated home, now that’s a different story. So as I watch the snow gather on my lawn, I’m dreaming of a home where summer fun can be enjoyed year round with the luxury of an indoor pool. Here are the top five homes currently listed with Coldwell Banker: