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A Zombie Proof Garage

It’s almost Halloween and if you haven’t already you’ll start seeing more and more Halloween-related stories popping up, but this one caught my attention. You may recall a few months ago I blogged about a zombie proof house that was recently built to protect you against the impending zombie apocalypse. It is a beautiful home but also has the safety and security you need to shield you from the hunger of the undead.

Today I discovered that building and shelter maker, Rocket Steel Buildings in Pennsylvania, is taking this concept to a new level by marketing their company as builder of Zombie Proof Buildings. Here’s what their websites has to say:

“Lets face the inevitable: The Zombie Apocalypse is on its way. There used to be only one way to defend yourself against the hordes of the undead, and that was to remove the brain of the zombie from their decaying body. You used to have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. But all of that has changed thanks to Rocket Steel Buildings. We have successfully built and tested our Steel Buildings and Metal Garages to withstand the attacks of up to 250 zombies. A 250 zombie load attacking at one time is highly unlikely, so you can be sure that we will keep you safe, calm, and collected during these trying times…”

In fact, Rocket Steel Buildings, is taking this even further by creating a short film that proved the Zombie shielding powers of its properties. The video will be released on October 8th, but below is a teaser trailer.

Perhaps they’re taking this a bit far or maybe they’re just playing off the upcoming season two premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead on October 12th, but you have to hand it to them. They certainly are unique…and I may have to take a second look at that Zombie proof garage.