blackhawktrunkdesk Awesome Airplane Inspired Portable Home Office

What does every home need? Besides a front door, it has to be an office space that can be wheeled around and is made out of polished aluminum panels. Am I right? Of course! That’s why I love this Blackhawk Secretary Trunk office space from Restoration Hardware. I know my wife would hate it, but it’s got that Indiana Jones meets James Bond feel to it that would be perfect for that corner of your dream man cave.

The drawers are lined with black cotton canvas so your tech items don’t get scratched by the aluminum and the desk is easily wheeled around so you don’t have to pick up the 525 lb box to move it. The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk will run you just under $4,300, but I’m pretty sure you’ll make up that money with all the envious glares you’ll get from guests to your home.

Get all the details at Restoration Hardware.