Home remodeling projects are often exciting for homeowners, and the end result can not only make their houses more appealing and functional, but also make their piece of real estate more valuable. There are several different types of remodels an owner may choose to take on, from focusing on redoing a kitchen to building a deck or patio onto their homes.

Whatever route an individual chooses to go with a remodel, there are a few basic ground rules that may make the project go more smoothly and add some value to the home.

Factor location into the remodel

The area in which a house is located may have an impact on the types of building materials a homeowner may choose to use. For example, individuals that live in high-priced neighborhoods may not see the benefit of using low-cost materials, when luxury upgrades are typical in the surrounding homes. The same is true for homeowners who live in moderately-priced homes, and opt-for more expensive materials. Experts say that while purchasing more modern materials can benefit owners who are selling a home, low-grade products in high-valued neighborhoods may have a negative impact when it’s time to sell.

However, this does not mean homeowners must break the bank to purchase the most expensive building materials. Shopping around, asking about discounts and examining a wide range of products and appliances can save homeowners a significant amount of money when it’s time to begin the remodel.

Focus on high-traffic areas

Remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor family spaces can provide homeowners with good returns on their investment, Fox explains. This is largely because these areas are the most visited and used rooms in the home and one of the first factors buyers look at when a home is put up for sale. In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, turning attention to other family-centered or entertainment areas can provide the same positive return, such as building a deck or expanding a dining room.

Lastly, focusing on small improvements after a big remodel can make a home even more beautiful and elegant for owners. New kitchen appliances, painting the bathroom to make it more serene or purchasing a patio set for a new deck can bring even more character to a newly-remodeled home.

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