Badge Ben Franklins Home: The First American EmbassyAffectionately referred to as “the only President of the United States who was never President of the United States”, Benjamin Franklin personified the curiosity, intelligence and ingenuity of a budding new nation. Franklin is famously known for being interested in everything from physics and electricity to music and chess; but it was his belief in unity and home that still resonates so strongly nearly 300 plus years later.

While Ben Franklin devoted most of his adult life to shaping an ‘American’ vision of home and country, the world’s only remaining Franklin home just so happens to be in the heart of London at 36 Craven Street!

The historically significant structure was built in 1730 and Franklin called it home from 1757-1762 and 1764-1775. He originally relocated to London to push for British tax reform with respect to the American colonies as well as for a greater level of cooperation and unity.

As beautiful as I’m sure Ben Franklin’s home in Pennsylvania was, I sure don’t blame him for spending such a long time over seas in this phenomenally located property. The exposed brick fireplaces were most certainly the perfect setting for Franklin to do reading and writing. Add in the those towering windows that let in the English sunshine and highlighted the hustle and bustle of a thriving London, and we’re sure it was a truly inspirational place to be.

Even close to 300 years later, this home is said to still be in near pristine condition while retaining a majority of its original features. Ben Franklin failed in his initial bid to get America and England to avoid war but his work out of this home is said to have built the foundation for the great relationship the two nations enjoy today. The property, which is now a landmark and a museum visited by many, is truly the first American Embassy abroad.

Here’s a bit more on the Franklin House:

*Images Courtesy of Flickr User: laurencemackman