Times Square during the holidays is one of the most popular destinations on the planet. From shoppers to travelers to sightseers, the center of New York City attracts them all. And this holiday season, Coldwell Banker will be right in the center of it.

Currently, Coldwell Banker has a holiday-themed billboard running on the corner of 44th and Broadway directly outside the Toys R Us mega store. The digital billboard showcases various cities that have holiday names (like Navidad, Texas) as well as Coldwell Banker agents that have festive, seasonal names (like Jack Frost…yes, he’s an actual Coldwell Banker agent).

The billboard has already been seen on TV coverage of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and will be running through January 1, 2011 so it will be seen by millions throughout the holiday season. Enjoy some of the photos of the billboard below and if you’re in New York City for the holidays, we hope you’ll stop and take a look.