An inexpensive, versatile wall decal is an easy way to spruce up walls and add character on a budget. Wall decals are big vinyl stickers that can be applied to any wall, window, or flat surface, and they are a good alternative to painting in the desert heat of Las Vegas. You can find basic decals at big box retailers or craft stores. You can also create custom designs with the assistance of a custom designer such as Vegas Art Wall. Here are some creative ways to use wall decals in every room of your home.

Living rooms

If you have a large room with a lot of wall space to fill, choose a decal of an object that complements the furniture or decor in the room. For instance, if the room is full of earthy colors, create a woodland theme on the walls with decals of trees or flowers. Make your mark in a living room or entry with a custom decal of your family motto or monogram. Why not add a “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign decal, this is Vegas after all!


Add pizzazz to boring kitchen backsplashes by adding a coffee cup decal or a cute quote like “Buon Appetito”. Las Vegas graphic design firm Circle Line Studio carries many ready to apply wall decals that can be ordered in a variety of colors to match your color scheme. A chalkboard decal can be placed in a conspicuous location to be used for shopping lists, appointments, and school schedules.


Jazz up a plain glass shower door with decals of floating bubbles or a cute quote. Adorn your shower tiles with decals of rubber ducks and embellish a soaking tub with a popular saying like “keep calm and soak on.” Post a little “reminder” for the boys on the toilet tank. Kids will have fun personalizing their side of the sink with their favorite characters or a name decal.

Kids rooms

Wary of using fresh paint for the nursery? Use wall decals to decorate instead. Put baby’s name above the crib, add whimsical butterflies or a glittering forest of flower trees. Keep track of how big your child is getting with a growth chart decal or put up a whiteboard decal for the budding artist. A quotation from your child’s favorite book is also a great way to add a sense of personalization to the room.

Around the house

Decorate the man cave with decals of your favorite sports team. Instead of hanging art, put a wall decal of your favorite quote in your home office. Add dimension to boring furniture and cabinets by applying decals to drawer fronts or cabinet fronts. Las Vegas decal company Trendy Wall Designs has a variety of designs for furniture, closet doors, and windows. Small decals can be added to architectural niches and built-in shelving in place of expensive knickknacks.

Tips for applying your decals

Before choosing a wall decal, measure the wall area to determine the appropriate size and shape that will best fit the area. Make sure the wall is clean and dry before you apply your decals. Line up your design and follow the instructions carefully. Many decal manufacturers suggest using a squeegee for wrinkle free application. When you want a change, simply pull the decal off the wall. Depending on the brand, you may be able to reuse it more than once.