Historically, a Texas ranch home provided comfort and shelter from the elements in a sometimes harsh and inhospitable land. The home itself was most likely constructed of stone and native materials, such as rough-hewn lumber and found objects, then enhanced and refined by items brought by train from the East Coast. Furnishings included a mix of treasured family pieces and hand-crafted items born of a specific need. These homes provided refuge and were gathering places not only for the families who lived in them, but also for neighbors and friends.

This tradition continues today. Decorating a home in the style of a traditional Texas ranch is not only appropriate in Dallas-Fort Worth, it is easy to accomplish and immensely satisfying. It is not “formula decorating,” and there are really no rules. The aesthetic of this kind of decorating encompasses personal preferences, family activities, external influences, a bit of humor, and a sense of adventure.

Key Components: Design Flexibility and Personal Preferences

Décor can be upscale or low-key. A much-loved, slouchy, imperfect leather chair may be wonderful in a high-tech media room, for instance. An antique, weathered farm table surrounded by suede benches in a breakfast area may be stunning. A Navaho rug in a home office could add pattern to an otherwise bland space, and a Native American throw on a bed adds color as well as warmth.

Tactile materials and patterns offer texture in a scheme based on a Texas ranch lifestyle. These include southwestern or Mexican designs, imperfect weavings with accents of beading or stones, hues derived from sunsets and wildflowers or Gulf Coast beaches and dunes.

Bluebonnets or daylilies in a vase fabricated from a worn cowboy boot might be just the right touch of whimsy in a den. Likewise, a cowhide ottoman in a traditional living room could be stylish, unexpected, comfortable, and effective. Texas limestone or creamy Austin stone could be a wonderful accent either indoors or out. A weathered copper top on a powder room vanity could be stunning. How about using an exposed brick wall or a stained fencing section as a headboard or using metal ceiling tiles as framed artwork? Even a little worn denim, used sparingly, can make a style statement. Try denim napkins, possibly with tarnished silver napkin rings, at your next dinner party.

Ranch Decor Elevates Easy Living Concept

With architectural styles in Dallas-Fort Worth ranging from ultramodern lofts to mid-century bungalow renovations or new traditional construction, deciding on an interior scheme can be daunting. However, returning to traditional Texas ranch style with a nod to architecture grounded in tradition can ease the dilemma. Adapting to the environment and personalizing the surroundings are, after all, the goals.

Texas ranch décor is not kitschy or cartoonish. While a single Texas star is emblematic of the theme, a room filled with horseshoes, barbed wire, spurs, and cowboy-themed accessories would probably be appropriate only for a four-year-old. Luckily, there are many opportunities to capture a bit of authentic Texas style. Whether you prefer new and innovative designers or flea markets and antique stores, there are many wonderful places to find great items for home décor.

The advantage of embracing traditional ranch style is that it is friendly, forgiving, and totally adaptable to your lifestyle. Even if you choose to proceed slowly, before you know it, your home may reflect that special Texas touch, from a welcoming “Howdy” at your front door to the traditional “Y’all come back soon” as guests depart.