Home Decorating Trends for 2015 Sweeping North Texas

Home decorating trends 2015

When my wife and I moved to Texas in 2002, the big home decorating trend was the Tuscan and Old World look mixed with crosses and touches of the Southwest. Some decorating trends remain intact for 2015, but this may be the year for sweeping changes in every room of the house, starting in the kitchen. What can you expect to see when you look for a new home or what should you do when updating your exiting home to sell? The answers might surprise you.

1. Watch for color explosion in the kitchen this year. Starting in the kitchen, bright and muted pastels are making a comeback with blue topping all the lists. Black and Grey will remain popular joined by more color across the spectrum particularly in cabinets. Pastels, primary colors, bright, bold, you name it. Color will splash into other rooms and new furniture offerings are showing this change with glass replacing stone in back splashes.

2. The less-is-more trend will likely grow, starting in the kitchen. Breakfast nooks are getting bigger and formal rooms for dining and living are going away as people move from single use rooms to more flexible multipurpose spaces. Homes will be centered around an open kitchen concept, which includes a family room with space for a big-screen Smart TV, in-kitchen seating for eating, and bigger breakfast nooks. To minimize the use of water, bigger showers will replace spa tubs. “Authenticity” is the new vibe. Use of natural materials, while keeping to clean lines and easy to maintain surfaces, will drive buying and remodel decisions for several years.

3. Natural light and eco-friendly design will drive the evolution of our living spaces well beyond 2015. Homes with more natural lighting and that use less water, while creating a smaller carbon footprint, will rule the day. Naked windows are out, but don’t look for the heavy drapery of the 1990s to return. In response to the use of natural light, brighter colors and simplicity will drive interior design and furniture. Many new designs will appear retro, with a growing emphasis on natural flooring and geodesic looks and fixtures. Home layouts will continue to maximize the use of light to reduce artificial lighting, and things will look more sleek — think the look on the set of Mad Men.

4. Outdoor living space will continue to be popular, taking on a more eco-friendly flair. Good news for Texas, the Texas Room remains in vogue, but becomes more modular and do-it-yourself. Like every other part of the home, the Texas Room of the future will be more sleek and eco-friendly. Modular components make creating the outdoor living space easier and less expensive. Rather than a destination place, the Texas Room will be an extension of the kitchen-based hub. Following the demise of single use spaces, outdoor living spaces will evolve beyond the simple Texas Room approach and embrace the outdoors as part of the whole.

5. Easy to maintain landscapes with native and drought tolerant plants. This is a growing trend that should play well in North Texas. According to the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey (ASLA), sustainable and low-maintenance design are the top trends for residential landscape projects. “Consumers care about designed landscapes that are attractive, easy to take care of and eco-friendly,” says Nancy Somerville, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA. Builders and existing home buyers need to pay attention.

Diverse people are moving to North Texas and home decorating trends will change. It’s safe to say that they will become infused with our unique Texas spin. How does Texas chic sound?

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Christopher Williams is a Real Estate professional based in Frisco, TX home to the $5 Billion Mile, epicenter of the economic boom in North Texas. His work has appeared in technical publications, Inman News, and other publications.

Williams believes in providing World Class service with local expertise. He has always been able to make complex concepts easy to understand and applies this talent to the constantly changing vista of Real Estate. He sorts through the avalanche of online information related to national and local real estate markets and trends in his articles and brings insight in the midst of data overload.

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