Five Remodeling Kitchen Trends Can Update Your Home

Which kitchen trends add the most value to your residential property? If you want to add value to your home before you put it on the market, or if you simply cannot live with the existing kitchen in your new residence, a remodel may be in order.

Which kitchen trends add the most value to your home? The Dallas-Fort Worth housing market exploded in 2013, with houses on the market for mere days. If you want to add value to your residential property before selling, or if you simply cannot live with the existing kitchen in your new Dallas-Fort Worth home, a remodel may be in order. Here are five kitchen trends, drawn from My Home Ideas and HGTV’s Kitchen Design Guide, that will help you to get the most out of your redo.

Ditch the Old-Fashioned Cabinets

Today’s cabinets are sleek and economical. If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, this look is easily achievable with a quick trip to Ikea in Frisco. White, gray, or black is nice, but if you must have wood, go with a natural stain. Glass is still an option for doors, but you will find more frosted styles than clear. Skip the drawer pulls and handles for a smoother look. The goal is to create a space that is functional and has a contemporary edge.

Blend Traditional and Contemporary

The kitchen is the ultimate in transitional decor. The best contemporary designs marry the functionality and linear design of modern style with your grandmother’s rustic wooden bowls. If you have invested in modern cabinets, you are halfway there. Add some small traditional decor items, or use Texas-chic light fixtures or faucets. This design concept is flexible enough to be as traditional/modern or as contemporary as you like.

Consider Kitchen Entertaining

Anyone who entertains knows that people always end up in the kitchen. According to HGTV, designers have finally decided just to go with the inevitable and to create the destination kitchen: a room where you cook and congregate. This is not your mother’s eat-in kitchen with a small table and chairs. Current destination kitchens are usually centered around a large island that can double as a food prep station and a dining table. Choose an island with extra storage space. Add four to six bar stools or bar chairs, and you will have a kitchen built for entertainment.

Get Creative with Your Backsplash

If you are leaning toward a more contemporary look in your kitchen, choose a metal backsplash. Cool geometrics in brushed metal or gleaming chrome and small inset tiles add light and shimmer. If your design is traditional Texan, consider a chalkboard that allows you to write reminders or messages or to display your artistic talents. Glass mosaics in shimmering golds, milky whites, and soft grays are also popular options, according to HGTV.

Keep Appliances Neutral in Color

Stand mixers, coffee makers, and other countertop appliances are becoming more vibrant in color. Keep your kitchen design neutral so it can be the perfect backdrop for those purple, orange, turquoise, or lime green accents, says HGTV. A neutral color scheme also gives you the flexibility to change your accent colors whenever you choose so that you will always feel fresh in your Dallas-Fort Worth home.


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