3 Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas to Give Your Room a Whole New Look

Changing the colors of your dishes, table runner and even small appliances can refresh your kitchen decor. Pops of bright colors and classy neutrals are popular options in Dallas homes. Get inspired to give your kitch a whole new look.

Kitchen remodels can be messy and expensive. Why not just update your kitchen decor for an exciting new look? For example, merely changing the colors of your kitchen accessories can make your kitchen look fresh and new.

Spin the Color Wheel

Pure white is almost always the best bet when you want to spice up your kitchen decor. White, especially in a kitchen with dark woods, adds little oases of light in the room. Choose stunning white-on-white with pops of pretty color for a new look.

Bursts of bright color are one way that Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners are creating stunning looks in their kitchens. Add some pretty pottery on top of your cabinets in gorgeous jewel tones and add matching dish towels and placemats in the same colors. Or go neutral-on-neutral for a clean, modern look. Using white, cream, black, or gray looks gorgeous in kitchens designed with neutral countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes.

If you have a tiled backsplash that includes several hues, take a piece of the color from the tile and run with it. Look for small electrics in bright colors to match, especially if you have a mid-century design going on throughout your home.

Update Your Accessories

If you’re in need of some new appliances, go with some color. Colored appliances are all the rage in contemporary-style DFW homes. Accessorize with dishes, table runners, and more in stunning neutral tones. Alternately, you might choose to play off the color with other complementary hues. For example, if you choose cool-blue appliances, you can opt for other cool-color accents, like purples, greens, or blues in the same family. Another option is to use a cool neutral, like a gray with blue undertones.

Don’t forget your kitchen seating. If you have barstools or even an eat-in kitchen with chairs, think about changing your cushions. They can add a spot of color or a soft neutral to your kitchen decor.

Think Seasonal

Many Metroplex-area homeowners change out their kitchen decor with the seasons. Choose airy whites, pastels, or bright colors for spring and summer. Go with gold or russet tones in fall and winter. A significant number of DFW homeowners even change their kitchen decor for the holiday season.

Use kitchen ingredients for your inspiration. You can even include them in your design. A big bowl of seasonal fruit or clear canisters full of your favorite spices look stunning on your countertops. Mix it up with a pretty vase with fresh flowers on your kitchen island.

Choose colors that you love and change up your kitchen decor. A change can make the whole room look and feel different.

Image Source: Flickr/Matthew Piatt


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  2. Annika Larson
    July 11, 2017

    I want to add a new look to my kitchen with some fun decor. Before I go buy anything, I want to make sure I have a good idea of what to get in order to add to the style of my home. Like you suggested, changing the cushions with some bright bold colors would be a great way to add some color.


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