Texas Luxury: Taking Country Home Decor to the Next Level

This article features how Dallas residents are blending modern design and country home decor. Local design expert Megan Martin explains how a signature chandelier can be the perfect accent piece for cathedral ceilings in Texas ranch homes.

Dallas is known as a city of modern luxury, boasting sleek design and a thriving metropolis. Although that is how Dallas may appear to outsiders, locals know that “you can take the cowboy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the cowboy.” Dallasites stay true to their rustic roots even as they incorporate elements of luxury design in their Dallas ranch homes. Local design expert Megan Martin offered her opinions about this. One strong trend in bringing country home decor to the next level, she said, is selecting the perfect chandelier for those gorgeous ranch home cathedral ceilings.

Blending City and Country

Chandeliers provide ornate, elegant lighting and can be the hero of the room. Dallas ranch homes have beautiful cathedral ceilings, often with exposed beams, that provide the perfect background for a signature piece.

A signature chandelier can speak volumes in your rustic space. When one thinks of a chandelier, visions of grandeur and delicacy come to mind. Ranch homes accent rustic design, incorporating natural elements into a space. Strong woods and natural stone are strong design elements that could easily overwhelm a delicate chandelier. Striking a balance between elegance and the strength of country home decor can be difficult. Tips from local designers will ease your decorating anxieties and assist you on your journey to creating the perfect luxury ranch home.

Tips for Chandelier Selection

Martin cautions that the chandelier should meet a few requirements to ensure that it is the perfect piece for a ranch house with a cathedral ceiling. When you select a chandelier for this type of space, look for something that has visual bulk with a wide frame and that has warmth consistent with the wood tones of the space.

The perfect ranch chandelier should also mirror the rustic nature of the ranch style. This should be reflected in the chandelier’s finish and hardware details and should thereby create harmony between the fixture and the home. Whereas a traditional crystal chandelier would be the wrong choice for a ranch-style home, these rustic modern adaptations of the chandelier concept are the perfect fit. Finally, maintain proportion of scale by balancing the verticality of the cathedral ceiling with the width of the chandelier.

Local Designers

Ready to jump in and bring your country home decor from rustic to chic? A great way to explore your personal design preferences is to find chandeliers you love online or in design magazines. Lights Fantastic on Greenville Avenue is a good place to take your design dreams and turn them into reality. This lighting store offers a rustic selection of chandeliers and sister pieces that will serve as excellent accents. Megan Martin and other interior designers are on the Lights Fantastic staff; they will not only bring a professional eye but will also incorporate your personality to your special space.

When it comes to blending modern and country design, these steps will help you not only to create a beautiful modern ranch home but also to exhibit that true Texas pride.

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