Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood To Buy In

It’s not just the home, it’s finding the right area.

Guest Blog Post by Heather and Steve Ostrom

What’s the square footage, how big is the yard, is there enough storage in this house? These are all important buyer questions, particularly when you’re trying to determine what you want and need out of your next space that you will call “home.”

While we agree your home should rock, it is important to also factor in the neighborhood you will buying into as well. Buyer property searches are typically geared towards specific criteria in a house, helping us laser in on the “perfect space.” But what we can’t always observe online, that’s equally important, is how a day in the life would be like at your new house.

What’s important to you, in the area you live? Is it the quality of life, is it the commute, or is it the neighborhood’s amenities? Here are some of the important questions we encourage buyers to ask themselves, when on their journey for the perfect home and neighborhood.

So where do we begin as a buyer? First, make a list of what’s important to you in a home, and in the community you’re targeting. We feel, discovering what an average day is going to be like at your new place, is an important part of the research in finding a home that’s perfect for you.

Second, communicate to everyone involved in the transaction your goals in a new home: your trusted and local real estate agent, your lender, and to your trusted friends and family (or even co-workers). Sometimes they can point out items you may not have thought about, particularly if they live there … things that you love, what things might drive you nuts (or that your favorite coffee shop is only a mile away from that cute home you have been checking out).

Third, once everyone is on the same page of what you want in a home and your community … it’s time to head out to the homes in your target area, and see how the neighborhood functions. Once you find a home that seems to be “the one” … part of the research portion, could include talking to the neighbors, or perhaps doing a trial work commute, or talking to small business owners and restaurants. People love to talk about their area.

So what are you waiting for? Start making that list, talk to your trusted real estate agent, and let’s find the right home AND neighborhood for you. … Oh and P.S. If you’re in our area, make sure to invite us over for your neighborhood block party, we hate to miss a good get-together. ;-)

Steve and Heather Ostrom are with Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge in Roseville, CA. Check our more great videos from the Ostrom team here.

Lindsay is the Senior Manager of Media Engagement for Coldwell Banker Real Estate and is a licensed real estate agent. She was born and raised in New Jersey and just bought her first home in Livingston, where she grew up. When Lindsay isn’t busy facebooking, tweeting or instagramming she is enjoying life with her husband Joe and cat Rory. She enjoys binging on Netflix, cooking and Zumba.

  • Courtney

    Malibu is great neighborhood with amazing real estate opportunities!

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  • Ryan Lundquist

    Fantastic tips. The perfect house with really bad neighbors can be a terrible situation. I agree with your very practical recommendations. I would also recommend buyers find out if there is an HOA or even a volunteer association. It’s important to know how the neighborhood is run and if possible what type of neighborhood ethos exists in the community.

    • Heather and Steve Ostrom

      Great point @ryanlundquist:disqus – so true! There are so many variables to consider. That’s a BIG one regarding HOA.

  • chavih

    What the amazing Ostroms are on the #GenBlue blog. These guys have an amazing knowledge about their neighborhood and gave great advice on this post!

    • Heather and Steve Ostrom

      Thanks @chavih:disqus – the Ostroms love their #Seattle real estate Divas! Ruling over all in Capitol Hill. I can’t wait to see your new listing lady. You do such a tremendous job on marketing homes.

  • Linda Aaron

    Heather ad Steve, great job on this video. You raise some very important point for buyers to consider when making such an important decision. Spending time in the neighborhood at different times is such a great idea. Also commuting to your work during rush hour is great too.

    • Heather and Steve Ostrom

      It really is a biggie @lindaaaron:disqus. Perfect example, I’m SO much happier now that I can walk to work every day. Quality of life at our home, goes past the walls of our house. :-) Thanks for commenting.

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  • Kate Koplinka

    Great advice…don’t focus on just the house-Location, Location, Location! Great job Heather and Steve

    • Heather and Steve Ostrom

      You are awesome for commenting @katekoplinka:disqus – thank you so much for watching. :-)

  • Shelly

    Great job Ostroms!

    • Heather and Steve Ostrom

      Thanks Shelly!

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