At Coldwell Banker ®, we refer to our global network of 100,000 agents and the 3,500 local offices and companies as “Generation Blue”…as you can see, we are very proud of our corporate color!

So what IS Generation Blue?

Well, after touring the country and hearing discussions from experts about what a Baby Boomer is supposed to do, vs a Gen Yer or Xer, and putting people into neat categories defined by birthdate, I was having trouble jiving this thought with what I was seeing from the over 20,000 agents and managers I actually met.  They don’t fall into nice neat categories.  What they do and how they adapt to new technologies, or their abilities to negotiate the best real estate transactions for their clients depends on their mindset and not their age.

While on the road, we heard about the 72 year old agent that bought an iPad and now does all his listing presentations to potential clients on the iPad.  Very cool, and he has seen his client base increase as a result.  Or, the twenty-something agent that handles properties in the tens of millions because she knows real estate and is a keen negotiator on behalf of her sellers.  I’ve also met mother-daughter and father-son teams, as well as  aunt/nephew and every possible family and neighbor category under the sun, with each professional adding some core competency in the mix to make the customer’s transaction better, easier and more successful.  But they all have the mindset for success.

stuart and chris damon 12847641571 190x300 Generation BlueToday on AOL, I saw this article about Stuart and Chris Damon and to me, it was a perfect illustration of this concept.  I met the Damon’s while at a conference in LA earlier this year, and what I loved about their teaming up was that they both brought a strength to the partnership that ultimately makes them and their clients more successful.  They  embody what is so great about Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  It’s what makes us special.  Expertise in Technology without a foundation in real estate sales is not ideal for the consumer.  Sales experience without knowing how to market to today’s buyers and sellers is also less than ideal.  Marrying both is the winning combination.

So don’t be fooled by someone’s age when determining if they have the experience to help you in the most important transaction of your life.  It’s their mindset, coupled with the tools that they have at their disposal — whether online marketing, training, or a successful broker, manager or team member to support them – that makes the difference.  And at Coldwell Banker, we have the systems and tools, but most importantly, we have the professionals in your hometown to call upon when you need the best real estate advice and support.

That’s Generation Blue.

Photo courtesy of AOL article