pink Small Living Room Design 300x300 Get the Most Out of a Small Living Space

Arranging furniture to fit the new spaces of your home can seem harder than solving a rubik’s cube.
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After the home buying process is over and homeowners have moved in all their furniture, some may think that their new living space is too small to hold all their belongings. This can be frustrating for individuals who are accustomed to larger accommodations, but the truth is there are several ways to get more out of a small living space without sacrificing anything.

Reevaluate the colors and flooring

Believe it or not, the color of a room and the type of flooring it features makes a significant difference in how spacious an area feels. Dark colors tend to make rooms feel more enclosed and small, and lush carpeting has a similar effect. New homeowners should consider repainting their homes brighter and more neutral colors, such as creams, nudes, yellows and even light blues or purples to make it appear more open. In addition, putting down hardwood floors can make a room gleam and appear brighter and spacious.

Prioritize furnishings

Placing an oversized couch and living room table in a small room can make you feel like you have no space to move around. I am guilty of trying to do this and can’t tell you how many times I have walked right into my table before finally admitting that it was too big for the room. This is especially true if you also have large bookcases, lamps, plants and knick-knacks. Instead, determine if your furniture and decorating schemes fit the layout of your new home. You may realize that some of the furnishings are not as important as others or are not as functional as you previously thought. This can be a great time to shop for new items that better meet your needs, according to MSN Real Estate. For example, you may choose to keep the oversized couch, but sell or donate the large table and bookcases in favor of better designed storage spaces.

Getting rid of items you don’t utilize also adds a measure of simplicity and highlights items and decor that are truly sentimental to you.

Maximize storage

Utilizing storage is crucial for homeowners who live in smaller spaces. When you can’t expand out, you should focus on moving up. Individuals can build shelves to hold books, pictures and candles. Pot racks are a great way to store cookware and free up cabinet space. Many owners may also underestimate the nooks and crannies of their home, such as closets and under their beds to store shoes, clothing, seasonal decorations and other belongings.