The greatest real estate game of all time is Monopoly. Don’t try and argue. It’s a fact. We were surprised a few years ago when Monopoly disregarded paper money in favor of a new debit card system that allows players to digitally manager their real estate investments and also cut down on those who like to sneak a $500 bill when the banker isn’t looking.

Recently an even bigger change was made as Monopoly gave the good citizens of the Internet the ability to add a new game piece while retiring one of the originals. So which Monopoly piece is going away? The iron.

My wife rejoiced at the news and asked if we could retire the iron in our home as well. While my dry cleaning bill is sure to increase, the retiring of the iron from Monopoly begs the question…why? Irons are in pretty much every home out there. Why not get rid of the battleship? Who has a battleship at their house? The car, hat, boot, dog and wheel barrel make sense for the best real estate game of all time to maintain, but a thimble? I’m baffled citizens of the Internet. Mortified and stupefied. Shocked and chagrined.

So what’s the new piece being added to Monopoly? Here it is:

monopoly cat Greatest Real Estate Game of All Time Changes Forever

It’s a cat. My fellow blogger Lindsay Listanski is sure to be pleased. Me? I would have gone with the robot. The other new piece options were a guitar, a diamond ring, and a helicopter.

I can live with these changes but if they start changing my home on Baltic Ave to a pad on Kardashian Place, I’m going to have real issues.

updated February 8, 2013…

Jon Stewart completely agrees with me. See here.