When summer comes around, do you find yourself thinking, “How can I cool my house without an expensive electric bill?” For many residents of the Southern United States — especially those living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area — keeping their houses cool during the summer is an important priority. While DFW locals enjoy mild winters, sunny spring weather, and comfortable autumn temperatures, summer typically brings about a need to retreat to one’s home to escape the blistering heat. Fortunately, there are many methods to keep your home from absorbing heat without spending a fortune on your utility bills.


In the past as well as today, many homeowners grow climbing vines such as Virginia Creepers along the exteriors of their homes. Acting as a form of external insulation, climbing vines help prevent homes from absorbing heat from the sun, thus keeping a home significantly cooler. Vines also provide an additional benefit: they offer beautiful greenery that accentuates a home’s curb appeal and charm.

Shutters and Shades

Travel throughout the Southern states and you will notice window shutters and dark screens. This is because throughout the day, windows channel heat from the sun. The heat radiates through glass into the home. To keep your house cool, window coverings such as dark screens are a must. Shutters and window screens help keep heat from being trapped into your home without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of a homes’ exterior.

Roof Color

One of the main sources of high temperatures within a house comes from the roof. As the sun beats down, the roof traps heat throughout the day. To alleviate this problem, many homeowners in the DFW area paint reflective coatings on their roofs or choose light-colored shingles and roofing materials.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide a noticeable difference in comfort when trying to cool your house. By circulating airflow, a ceiling fan can reduce heat by moving cool air throughout a room more quickly. Ceiling fans are a cost-effective, energy-saving way to take the strain off your home’s air conditioner without sacrificing your comfort level. Ceiling fans are especially beneficial in communal areas such as living rooms and dining rooms as well as in bedrooms.

With these practical and easy tips, the question, “How do I cool my house in the summer?” doesn’t feel so daunting. Fortunately, the tips provided are not only effective but will also reduce your monthly electric bills, improve your comfort, and diminish the carbon footprint emitted by overworked air conditioning units.