Water Damage Tips for DFW Homeowners

Water damage can cause long-term problems in DFW homes. When water damage isn’t promptly and properly repaired, it can encourage mold growth that can lead to serious health problems. Here are tips and considerations for when you have water problems.

Damage from water can cause long-term problems in Dallas-Fort Worth homes. When damage isn’t promptly and properly dealt with, it only worsens the situation. What’s more, it encourages mold growth that can lead to serious health problems, particularly in people with allergies or asthma.

Causes and Consequences

Thankfully, floods aren’t common in most DFW-area homes. A lengthy drought has lowered the Trinity River and area lakes, creeks, and streams in recent years. Most Metroplex homeowners will experience water damage because of high storm winds that do damage to houses and the pipes they contain. Sometimes water damage is the result of putting out a house fire. Even more common is water damage from burst pipes, which can burst or leak when a house’s foundation shifts or when there’s a hard freeze.

No matter how a home becomes flooded, it’s a good idea to get some professional help to keep mold from forming in the subfloor, ceiling, or walls. Black mold spores can be particularly dangerous for family members to breathe in, and you could experience further structural problems if you don’t dry out the dampness right away. It’s also a good idea to call a pro if a sewer line backs up. Sewage is considered a biohazard and should be handled by professionals trained in this particular type of cleanup.

What to Do

Servpro, a water-damage repair company based in Dallas, has some tips for homeowners who experience flooding. The first thing that homeowners should do is to remove as much water from their homes as possible. That means mopping floors and carpets and blotting upholstery. To prevent further damage to carpet, place aluminum foil or a block of wood on the carpet under furniture legs.

Circulating air is important as well. As long as the electrical system isn’t damaged, turn on the air conditioner. Use table fans to dry out wet items. Only use ceiling fans if the ceiling isn’t wet. Remove cushions, colored rugs from the floor, and books and magazines that might stick to tables when they dry.

Insurance Issues

Water Damage Restoration Pros reminds homeowners to be aware of what types of damage their insurance will cover. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas do not cover flooding. Flood policies must be purchased separately. Homeowners should determine if their policy covers burst pipes and sewer backups. Water damage caused by fire and wind is typically covered.

Most local restoration companies will help homeowners file claims and will use a variety of methods to dry out carpets, floors, and furniture if at all possible.

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