This week was National Painting Week. Like most painting projects, I put this off until the last possible day so sorry if this is your tardy reminder to get painting this week. Besides that this is a really interesting infographic from the folks at Sherwin Williams.

The painting experts at Sherwin Williams conducted a survey of homeowners to discover what were there plans, projects and dreams when it comes to adding a bit of color to their homes. The results showed that 62% of homeowners are planning a painting project this year and 74% feel they need to add more color to their home.

I can say that I’m definitely part of that 62% as this year I’ve repainted a room in anticipation of our new baby’s arrival. On top of that we also added a significant amount of color to our house since the newly painted room is a bright shade of green. Not to mention the dinosaur decal I had to put up which is a whole separate post-worthy tale on its own.

What I found curious in the infographic was the top room that homeowners felt needed painting was the bedroom, but if you look at the most popular bedroom colors according to Sherwin Williams, they’re not all that colorful.

Take a look at the infographic for yourself by clicking here or on the image below. Good luck with your next paint job.

national home color survey 516f1935c5349 Infographic: Homeowners Want More Color

Header image courtesy of Flickr user Phil Roeder