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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of Football Season

The NFL is in the middle of preseason. High schools and colleges across the country are prepping for the first game of the season. And fantasy football leagues around the globe are scheduling draft dates. Football season is here and it just makes things better. But before you look at your favorite team’s depth chart, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

Infographic: The Psychology of Color at Home

Color plays a huge role in any home. It can make a room feel warm and inviting or cold and stale depending the shade. While each homeowners personal tastes will effect the color scheme of any home, there are some psychological influences that should cause us to think about that next room painting project.

May 01 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Real Estate Headlines for the End of April

So long April showers. Hello May flowers. Pretty soon you’ll be inundated with graduation invitations and start feeling the need to plan your summer vacation. But before you can do any of that, be a good boy or girl and read your weekly real estate headlines:

Infographic: Homeowners Want More Color

This week was National Painting Week. Like most painting projects, I put this off until the last possible day so sorry if this is your tardy reminder to get painting this week. Besides that this is a really interesting infographic from the folks at Sherwin Williams.

April 19 / 2013

[Infographic] What Renovations Have The Best Resale Value?

This Infographic from eLocal.com does a fantastic job of proving all home renovations are not equal. Do any of the rate of return on these projects surprise you?

September 12 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for the Second Week in September

The first week of the NFL games is complete and you’re back to school schedule/commute is probably back to normal. The air may be getting a little crisper in the evenings and pretty soon your favorite TV shows will be back with original episodes. Welcome to the second week of September. To honor the occasion here are some real estate headlines

Infographic: Home Really is Where the Heart Is

When looking for a home everyone uses the same criteria. Beds, bathrooms, price, square footage, etc. But what we at Coldwell Banker Real Estate found is that there is so much more to the home buying process than just facts and figures. Emotions, feelings and lifestyle play just as an important role and they differ for both men and women.

May 08 / 2012

Infographic: The Real Value of a Home

Playing off the concept from our recently launched TV campaign, we thought it would be great to have an infographic that shows how to calculate the real value of a home. As the infographic states, a home’s true value is not found with an algorithm involving square footage. It’s based on a living, breathing equation that adds life’s memories and moments.

March 06 / 2012

Infographic: Baby Boomers and the Real Estate Market

There are 79 million baby boomers, and this year, the oldest boomers turn 65. Their impact on the economy is enormous, so looking at the home buying trends of this group highlights interesting differences between older and younger boomers. A new survey from Coldwell Banker reveals that younger baby boomers are interested in purchasing a second home (34 percent) as compared to their older boomer counterparts (22 percent).

November 02 / 2011

The Importance of Video in Real Estate

Just over two years ago, Coldwell Banker embarked on creating a channel solely for real estate video that exists on YouTube. We called it Coldwell Banker On Location and it’s a place where you can search for videos of real estate listings, communities, agent videos and more. With tens of thousands of videos uploaded, over 2.5 million visits to our channel and millions of video views later, we think we made the right move.

April 11 / 2011