The Northeast is hunkering down for an impending blizzard of Biblical proportions, but on Sunday Rick Grimes and his band of less than merry survivors will try and last another day in the zombie apocalypse world of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

During this snowstorm I plan to enjoy the comforts of my home and wait out the snowy conditions with some extra blankets, a large cup of coffee and the comfy surroundings of my living room. But that luxury is not available to our friends from The Walking Dead who are constantly on the run from brain hungry creatures. As the second half of season 3 continues on Sunday, the central characters have finally found a place that is the safest home for the zombie apocalypse: West Georgia Correctional Facility.

No one ever wants to call prison home, but maybe I’d change my mind if I was running across much of the South in search of safe haven. Think about what you want most in your home. Probably top three things are a sense of security, a bed to sleep in and that your loved ones are close to you. Right? Well you get all of that and more in the less than luxurious conditions of West Georgia Correctional Facility.

Sure the place was overridden with “walkers” (or “biters” as the Governor calls them), but I like to think of the prison as a good ol’ fashion fixer upper. You clean up the mess, add a few touches here and there and before you know it you’ve got yourself a home. The prison offers security from those pesky intruders. Plenty of rooms for your friends to stay over. A massive kitchen for cooking up big meals. And it even has a yard to play in!

If you can get past the lack of pastel colors and the fact that there are bars on the windows, it really can be quite homey. Why else do you think the Governor wants to take it over? It’s premium real estate.

I expect a full out bidding war to ensure this season on The Walking Dead. I’m confident we’ll see a throw down in the backyard at some point. Don’t miss the inside look at the safest home for the zombie apocalypse when The Walking Dead season 3 continues on AMC at 9 pm EST.