539201 10151943351820508 1351796699 n Jim Gillespie: Remembering His Second SaleThe ultimate goal for most of us is to find a job we enjoy in an industry we like. We want to make money and have a fair shot to advance and find success. We also want to feel like we are making a difference.

The thousands of Coldwell Banker agents I have met over the last eight years while working in the brand’s corporate headquarters are no different. While they have different backgrounds and motivations, and some are more successful than others, I have been amazed at their dedication to working with their clients. A cynic might think real estate agents are in it only for their commissions, but overwhelmingly I have learned those with Coldwell Banker view their pay as a byproduct of the work they enjoy doing. They are motivated by the opportunity to help people.

Over and over at meetings, I have asked agents what the best moment in their real estate career has been. Not once has someone shared how much they have made on a particular deal. Instead, the stories are heartwarming examples of how they have enjoyed helping a client.

This caring is part of the Coldwell Banker brand culture. Our CEO Jim Gillespie, who will become Chairman Emeritus on January 1, has played a big part in creating this part of who we are during his 37 years with Coldwell Banker.

Jim is one of the kindest, most genuine and caring people I have ever met. So it’s no surprise to learn that as a then 30-year-old rookie real estate agent way back in 1976, Jim did something special when he worked with the receptionist at the LeGrange, Ill., YMCA ,where he previously worked, to find her a home.

As we honor Jim as enters a new chapter in his career, I’m excited to share the story of Jim’s second sale. Watch the video above.