BG Home for MLB Opening Day

Get ready for baseball in your hometown

The opening day of the Major League Baseball season is upon us and to me there’s no sport that better relates to home than baseball. Think about it. Home is an essential part of the baseball vernacular. You’ve got home plate, home run, “root, root, root for the home team” is part of the infamous song Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and then there’s the insider vocabulary like “he covers a lot of real estate out in center.”

Not only that, but baseball is a game that for me brings back memories of home. Playing home run derby with the neighborhood kids or wiffle ball in the backyard or the Little League parade down the main street in your neighborhood are all memories of the home where I grew up and still resonate today with my own family.

Baseball also appears to be a marketable element in some homes for sale on 313 homes currently have “baseball” in the property description and 19 currently offer a “batting cage” as an amenity. In fact one property in Wichita, KS even offers a full baseball field with bases and an official pitcher’s mound to go along with a separate batting cage area for practice. Now there’s a lover of the American pastime.

It makes no difference who your team is. You may love the Bronx Bombers, the Chicago Cubs, the Anaheim Angels or even my struggling New York Mets, but the feeling is the same for all baseball fans. We’re happy to have the game we love back in action and we’re all planning how we can get to an upcoming home game.

So regardless of where you call home, I hope you’ll have some time today or this weekend to enjoy the game that always applauds when someone comes home.

Play ball.